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    Dry Eyes in the Rain

    Part of my "I Will Write Anything" series. Lilah Monroe lives in a world where 82% of the population have special powers. Lilah is one…

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    Eric's Thing

    MOLECULES CONTEST WINNER Jeff and Eric discuss the ins and outs of popularity and how to achieve it. Cover created by Alex Black.

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  • 2014-11-26-07
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    Upon Her Shoulders

    Another entry in my "I Will Write Anything" series. Ariika Cato, a seventeen year old girl, assumes the throne of her nation. Her earl…

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    Every Night's A Little Darker

    Part of my "I Will Write Anything" series. Kurt is going blind. Then Kurt goes blind. Story idea by FamouslyInfamous…

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    Dance of Glass

    Part of my "I Will Write Anything" series. Paige takes an elongated walk to discover an amazing race of people in a secret part of a l…

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    Ridiculous Shorts

    Short stories of varying styles and degrees. Several of them ridiculous.

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5 days ago sstwinz said:

Hi Grant! I have a question about my feedback from last round and the other rounds by extension. Is there a way I can message you that's more private than just posting a comment? If not, let me know.

Thanks, sstwinz


11 days ago NF Christine said:

Hey, I had gotten grounded from my computer the same day as I was supposed to put in my piece, which I wasn't able to finish. So hopefully next season I can try again. Thank you! Have a great day.


13 days ago Sekerya Mackenzie said:

Thank you for the heart! It means a lot to me.

I tried to fix it up a bit and I'm going to put my entry through. Thanks again for all your help on this piece!


13 days ago Sekerya Mackenzie said:

Hey! Thank you for getting to my entry.

I originally pictured the story going in the direction that the big event was the story behind Timothy's brother dying. I had this idea that Toby had died accidentally, and Timothy blamed himself. I thought that would explain further his attachment to the olives. And for Miles, I had thought that this was a moment of realization. With her parents and Timothy, I guess I had thought she should have a revelation that there is more to their lives than AP classes.

But that part didn't end up getting written.

As for the mundane part, I guess I had Miles as solely focused on her job, on school, something to keep her from home life while maintaining her need to impress her parents. But I've realized I haven't really established that it is all that difficult for her. I haven't really established what is routine for her.

I had intended to have Timothy and Miles separate in the end, regardless of whatever happened. And that Miles would still retreat to school, and Timothy would still retreat to his closed-off self.

I do have time to clean this up. Thank you for your help, I really appreciate it.


13 days ago Sekerya Mackenzie said:

I'm sorry for posting so often.

I had a question, though it is nearly too late to be questioning my entry, if the event that happens in our stories for this prompt can be simple things? Such as meeting a stranger who doesn't actually stick with my main character in the end...

I feel as though I wrote a series of minor things as opposed to one huge event. Does this still fit the prompt, do you think?

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Our Own Olives

(13 days ago)

Clean up your first paragraph a bit. I like the imagery you’ve got going on, but it reads a little clunky. Timothy is a great grippin... Read More »

The Puzzle

(30 days ago)

You can leave out the date, the story doesn’t have any other pertinent dates at all. And it doesn’t really add anything to your story. ... Read More »