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  • Stubbycover
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    Stubby the Toe

    Inspired by my dad stubbing his toe. I might make it longer. This is the story of my toe.

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  • Halleyandlily
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    Cheddar Cheese and Shredded Pleas

    Lily Heights ahs been kidnapped and now its up to her twin sister Halley to find her before its too late. MAJOR NOTE: So apparently…

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  • Heraldry
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    This is a funny explanation to the word "Figment". This is also for the 100 word story contest.

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5 months ago linds said:


yeah, i don't even know what this post is about. basically someone else named soleil posted on my wall and i was like "hey don't i know you?? didn't you use to have a frog as your profile picture? or is that a different soleil?"

so i went into the genran forum and searched your name and...guess what, i found you! wheee!

anyway yeah sorry i'm bothering you but you should come back to gen/ran and i don't know if you remember me but i remember you and you're rad as hell

ok byeeee


7 months ago Keith Surratt said:

 photo image_zps9482bc7f.jpg

This isn't a swap but a recommendation for you to read my book called "The Cases of Alan Surratt" where Alan Surratt a private investigator goes on a series of investigations to find his long lost daughter was stolen by the mafia years ago. So if your up for a good mystery... Well you got one :)


8 months ago Esther Stone said:

Hi, I assume you're gone, but hi. It's Esther.

Profile pic

9 months ago Ze Fluffy Kit On Fire ^ᴥ^ said:


Profile pic

9 months ago Ze Fluffy Kit On Fire ^ᴥ^ said:

Haha, I have a Tumblr but like I don't have many followers. ^^' /ihaveseven

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My Reviews

Painfully Unaccepted

(over 2 years ago)

(Sorry, I got kicked off the computer halfway through this.) Wow this just shocked me. I love it. You wrote a beautiful piece of work ... Read More »

Hell on Heels

(over 3 years ago)

Hi Megan! I think this was really funny but I don't like the erupt 'Happily ever after" ending. I do think that it kept me interested whe... Read More »