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over 4 years ago Twilight Stevens said:

Hello, Would you mind checking out my irish romance short story, Dear Journal? If you don't do free reads, I am very open to swaps :)

Hearts are very deeply appreciated. Thank you! xoxox

Also, do you make covers? Or maybe you need one? Well if you do make or need one, please join my cover group, Italian Beautys. I am currently holding a competition, there are very few spots left so if you wish to enter be quick! The theme for it is romance. Contest end date: 12th May.

We welcome all ages and all cover making abilities :)


almost 5 years ago Rebekah Louise said:

Hello! If you could please read/heart/comment on my story, "Ich Liebe Dich", I'll do the same for one of yours. Thanks! :)


almost 5 years ago M.O.D. said:

Oh goodness that was nice of you! I was fully expecting you to yell at me that I just didn't get it.

And I totally get it, I know the type and I understand your annoyance. Taste in music is, obviously, a stupid reason and way to judge others, which is already pretty stupid and wrong. I'm sorry if I came of as short, it was late and I get a little fed up with the "I hate hipsters" mentality that's really just as judgmental.

I have no doubt you know what the music is, I was just honestly confused by that -- those are about the most mainstream artists I listen to, and I don't THINK I'm a hipster. But really though, having a superiority complex because you listen to Lady Gaga and Death Cab, two well known and popular musicians? That's just lame. Your friend is FAILING at being a hipster. I'm calling the hipster police on her.

almost 5 years ago Jennifer Mobley said:


Figment covers putting you down? Why not get a beautiful cover made from the admins of 'Covers around the world'? Please help us get to 30 members :D Hope to see you there!


almost 5 years ago Alicia Hu said:

Hi there! Would you mind taking pity on a newbie to Figment and swapping with her? If so, please read/heart/review “Resist” and then comment on my page what you’d like me to read! It’ll only take two minutes. Thank you so much. (Apologies if I’ve already posted this on your page.)

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