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    smaller than a bread box

    **Winner of a gold key in the Scholastic Awards!** "Because these memories, they never really end. They live forever in our hearts, i…

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    The Radio

    Inspired by David Wagoner's "The Other House"

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    Souls Mated

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    Lyka and Tulia

    Centuries ago, the Inventors created the Angels. Then it all changed. The Angels' pure job was to automatically create the NuHue, …

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    The full version of "Lyka and Tulia"!(A work-in-progress!) Please note: If you are reading this after reading "Lyka and Tulia", in th…

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    The Jabberwocky's Tale

    Tove is a fifteen-year-old boy living in Wonderland. For generations, his family has attempted to slay the Jabberwocky, and yet all ha…

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almost 3 years ago DJV said:

if you like it, vote! :) Tell me what you want me to heart or make a cover for if you don't want to free vote! :)  photo Screen Shot 2015-03-01 at 12.22.24 PM_zps5urerz1j.png


over 3 years ago Meerab Farooqui said:

would you mind following me back? it would mean a lot :)


almost 4 years ago Vic said:

Hello, follower! I've been very busy of late, with little time to work on my big projects. So mainly I've been writing smaller, fun pieces, just to keep myself writing. I just recently published one of these: a Doctor Who fanfiction titled "The Lost and Found World." So if you don't mind fanfiction and you don't mind Doctor Who, I'd love if you'd take some time to read it, just so I can get some feedback to make sure my writing is staying up to scratch while I'm on hiatus.


almost 4 years ago Summer Carter said:

Hello there! Have you ever wanted to become a cover maker, or wanted to go to a clean cover making group that isn't littered with contests and closed groups? Well here's your chance!

Simple Cover Makers is a new group dedicated to simple use and lovely covers. We're currently hiring for cover makers and are providing covers.

Come over and check us out!


about 4 years ago LoneTree said:

hey have read some of C.R. chamberlain's books?

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My Reviews

Broken Angels

(almost 5 years ago)

This was beautiful! I loved the idea and it was extremely well written. My only critique was that I found dialogue a bit unrealistic in... Read More »

A Cold Heart

(almost 5 years ago)

This was great! It was well written, and you pulled off an interesting romance without sci-fi or threats of death, which I though was ref... Read More »