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    Sure, everyone gets a little crush on one of their teachers now and again. But of course, once in a while, something does happen. Some…

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    Detective Aiden Doyle has been assigned to yet another missing person's case. But this time, something's different. He can't get his m…

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    Literary Analysis

    I never thought I'd spend my summer hanging out in a bar drinking ginger ale until three a.m. with ...a man. I was a good girl after a…

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almost 4 years ago Alice Malice said:

wanna swap??


over 4 years ago Emily Anne said:

Hi! I feel bad about this, but I'm practically begging for hearts right now. My short story The Photographs of a Previous Life is entered in the Summer Romance contest. Right now I am really behind and need a ton of hearts! I'm not asking you to read it simply heart it. I understand if you don't, but thank-you in advanced if you do!


almost 5 years ago Sophie Harris said:

hi there- I am trying to promote animal rights and prevent animal cruelty with my story, Beauty, Ugly. Will you give it a read?


about 5 years ago Zaina K. said:

Hi, would you like to swap? Please read "Leaf" and I'll return the favor :)

Taylor swift red edit

about 5 years ago Maia Sowers said:

Hello! How are you? Swap? If you could please read/heart my story “Escape” I would love it! It’s for the Don’t Turn Around Contest and I would really like to win! I’m so close to being one of the finalists and I need your help! I’m trying to reach a goal of 450 hearts by the 25th. If you would be an amazing person and do that, just let me know on my page and tell me what you want me to read! I will try to do it as soon as possible! Thanks!

PS- If you don’t do swaps or wall swaps I’m very sorry. Feel free to tell others about my story if you love it, thanks! If you get others to heart it, let me know and I will heart your whole first page! Please help me!

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(almost 7 years ago)

I liked it. :D I really got the imagery of someone working on something, late at night, the candle light on their face, even with the few... Read More »