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    By Stone and Steel

    Gwenith Valkeir is most definitely not a murderer, but those wanted posters want to tell you otherwise. One little accident doesn't tu…

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    Emira is the daughter of a prestigious politician in the city of New Fest. Living an incredibly pampered life and always getting whate…

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almost 3 years ago Matt Sinitsyn said:

Sorry for the two comments, I just can't get the hang of this devise I'm using, I don't know what's being posted and what doesn't.


almost 3 years ago Matt Sinitsyn said:

Hey, do you want to swap books? After reading your file I think we have a lot of the same interests. For swapping, that's cool, you rock.


almost 3 years ago Matt Sinitsyn said:

Hey, do you want to swap books? If you do, that's cool. You rock.


almost 5 years ago Alicia Hu said:

Hi there!

Would you mind swapping? If so, please read/heart/review “Resist” and then comment on my page what you’d like me to read! It’s a story about finding the strength inside you. It’ll only take two minutes.

Thank you so much. (Apologies if I’ve already posted this on your page.) Here’s a taste of my story:

White, bloodless knuckles clench the counter as teeth bite into thin lips. With one hand, she pushes her hair back, raising her head to look at the mirror, into the eyes of a girl who can never be good enough. As always, she hears cruel voices hurling taunts at her, each one tearing away another part of her like crows picking at rotten food.


almost 5 years ago Margy said:

would you mind reading my story: Destine to Love it is for a contest so please heart (or comment, you dont have to) if you think it is worthy. i am willing to read and comment on your writing too if you check out mine I promise it will be well thought out commentary. thanks and good luck on more of your writing!

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As long as she can

(almost 7 years ago)

Hmmm, the tempo feels a bit off in some parts. With the rhyme scheme you have, things start to speed up in areas and slow down in others,... Read More »


(almost 7 years ago)

Love the formatting, it's silly and works for the poem. The subject matter itself is somewhat original and works with your writing style,... Read More »