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  • Lalu wedding
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    Sore Loser

    Laxus and Lucy are targeted by a man that blames them for his humiliations, can the two survive? And will their friends be enough to k…

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  • Wolf curse cover
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    Wolf Curse: Prequel

    Mature Content A pre-chapter to my light novel, Wolf Curse. This chapter introduces the main character Akira Ito and his skil…

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  • Mr_roboto
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    This is an original story I came up with a couple of years ago. Three people that have been partly transformed into machines from the …

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  • New friends
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    The Magicians

    Republic City is being over run by a group of magical thieves that can even take on Korra and her friends, but are they really magic o…

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  • Korra cry
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    Painful Truth

    Korra has to confess a painful truth to herself about Bolin.

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  • Masami
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    A Family

    Asami thinks about how she dealt with her love with Mako as she watches her husband and child.

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about 3 years ago Index User said:

Hi Kenneth!

I'd really love to swap and jump inside your own world, (and I will!) but do have a kind, heroic heart to check my short story, The Bastard of Delaris, and save the day! Please do heart it, comment on it, or type away a review about it if Ruquin made it to your top ten list of villains (or not!). I'll be sure to avenge you by enjoying a good tale of yours!

Thank you in advance! :D


over 3 years ago caedes said:

Hi! Would you like to swap? Please tell me what you think of What We Are, and I'll read anything you like. :) Thank you!


over 3 years ago Julianna Ceron said:

Care to swap? Ill read whatever you request if you could please read "100 Days" or "His last Infinite"? thanks so much :)

Screen shot 2015-03-01 at 8.04.27 pm

over 3 years ago Catherine Nevin said:

Hey there fellow figgster! Want to swap? If you could read either "Red Skies over Charleston" or "Boston Lights" it would be much appreciated. I will read anything of yours that isn't over… half an hour, unless you REAlly want me to, and then maybe I could make an exception. So, if you want to swap, read my story then post the name of the story you want me to read ON MY PROFILE! Not in a comment please! Thanks! Also, I absolutely LOVE feedback, so any you might have is more than welcome. ~Catherine


over 3 years ago Cate Eliot said:

Hello. Would you like to swap? If so please read Grace and leave your thoughts. Don't forget to post a comment on my profile page what to read for you. Thanks and have a great day. Cate

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My Reviews

Slaves of the Knights

(about 5 years ago)

It seems pretty interesting, I would just say you should break up the paragraphs more at the beginning with the dialouge between the main... Read More »

A fragile heart to share

(over 5 years ago)

It was an interesting piece, but the cliche of her being an outcast would have been better if you found a way to make it more unique and ... Read More »