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  • Solitude-loves-company
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    Solitude Loves Company

    Leslie is starting fresh in rural Oregon, hoping to be inspired to write in her new environment. She never expected to meet Evan, her…

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  • Stormdaughter
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    Storm's Daughter

    Elin was brought from the sea as a baby to live with humans. Now she is about to discover who she truly is, and that knowledge comes …

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  • Pigrose
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    Pig Herd and the Rose

    Young and fiery Raina has always lived a simple life with her brother Inchan, on a small pig farm in the land of Dretrica. All of tha…

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  • A vacation odyssey
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    A Vacation Odyssey

    A girl goes on a special trip with her family. Note: this story now has an extended chapter.

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Talk to me!

James henry matthews the second's portrait

about 4 years ago Lexi said:

Hi there Layne!

This is a message from the admins of "Writing Partners" and we are sending you this message to let you know we are in dire need of new members. We'd love it if our group would expand, so some of our new ideas could be added to our group, but we need YOUR help for us to do that. So, all we're asking of you is to invite two (2) people who you know write a lot (novels especially) or like to do NaNoWriMo and are on Figment often. That is all we ask. If this works out, we may see a spike in members, and there may be a little more activity going on around "Writing Partners".

Thanks for being in the group, "Writing Partners" and remember, keep writing! :)

your admins,

~Lexi and Shauney~


about 4 years ago Aula Tullius Sulla said:

At the moment I want to focus on kick-starting my writing, so I won't have much time for swaps, but normally when I DO have spare time I review for free, all the time and straight from the library. It's how I prefer to do things, since swapping, though I do a few, seems unprofessional to me. That is to say, I've been giving feedback somewhat, but it really need some feedback as well. For sometime I've given out free reviews but now... Well, you get the picture. Would you mind helping out a fellow writer? If not, goodbye, and I apologize for wasting your time.

If yes, I assure you that most works are around five minutes, until I either expand them or create actual short stories. The works on my first page, besides "Free Writes" (off limits), are flash-fictions that need feedback. I'd appreciate it if you would choose one of those, or a poem from the second page. Choose whatever you like, or don't read at all. I really need opinions, but if my work doesn't fit your tastes, don't read!

Thank you so much! Eternally grateful!


over 4 years ago Bee Verner said:

Hey, My names Bee and like many people on this site I want to be a writer. Also like many people, I have no idea if I'm any good. If you'd like to swap that'd be really great. Let me know what you want me to read and if you could read 'I just need to know that you know' that'd be really nice. I'm just doing my best to create a fan base to get my word out to people and figure out if I really have a voice. Please be honest, negative and positive. I'd also appreciate it if you'd follow me but of course, only if you think I deserve it. Thank you!

James henry matthews the second's portrait

over 4 years ago Lexi said:

Hi there! I am a moderator for the group, "Writing Partners" and we are in dire need for writers who are mind-set on achieving their writing goals. Are you one of them? Well, I and all the people at "Writing Partners" sure do! Here in this group, we set a long-term goal in our writing, whether it's write 1,000 words a day or write 10,00 words in a month, and we accomplish it! The people in this group are supportive and will offer suggestions or answer questions you may have if you ever need it. We are your place to go to when you get stuck.

We really hope you join us here at "Writing Partners" and we all look forward to seeing you around! If you decide to join, make sure to look at "Group Details" for more instructions and the discussion names "Welcome to Writing Partners"!

Hope to see you there! Here's the link to it!:


over 4 years ago Everest Neverlynn said:

Hey can you read Broken?! It has been hearted over 250 times and I want to know what you think! I have heard that it is very good and you will probably enjoy it. (Note: if you want this to be a swap please read Broken then leave it on my profile and I will get to it soon. If you already have gotten this message sorry.) Please and thanks! –Glowing Star

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The Orphans

(over 5 years ago)

First off, this is a unique plot to go with the Family Vacation theme. There was just a few issues I saw. { "Well you see," she start... Read More »

The Sorority Code

(over 5 years ago)

Oh my, your voice is so wonderful. I love Pride and Prejudice(the original) and you really made this version keep the same feel, while m... Read More »