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over 5 years ago Jacy Hopkins said:

Hey there is this book i think you should read. Its called Ring of Stars By: Breisa Borne here on Figmen. I didnt write it, but im trying to get her going on this site. I wrote Albus Potter, if you interested in that too. But it would be much appreciated if you would read "Ring of Stars" by Briesa Borne, if you dont like the genre of the book, its ok. leave a comment. the code is FQOUL-CDBI2-W6F7U.


over 5 years ago Laura said:

In the mood for a swap? Could you please read my story "Whitewash"? Please comment and heart on it, and in return I will read any of your writings.

If you don't do swaps, I am sorry to bug you.

thanks so much ~Laura :)


over 5 years ago M.H. said:

Hey Issac!

I was wondering if you're interested in a swap! My novel is Gone, and I'm trying to get up to 450 hearts!!!!! If you decide you want to swap please just write on my wall what you'd like me to read!

Here's a synopsis: Natalia Barton was abandoned by both her father and older sister at different stages of her life. She was left alone with an abusive alcoholic mother until she found the courage to run away. Now, after years of running from her past, she is forced to confront it when her sister, father, and a man who knows too much enter her life

Thanks so much~Moriah H.


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