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about 1 month ago Ze Fluffy Kit on Fire ^3^ said:


about 1 year ago Charizma said:

Everything's going well on my side. I get out of school in four months so yeah, that's exciting... or not. xD In any case, I replied!

Blue eyes_214

over 1 year ago Evelynn Adams said:

Hey you; it's been a while, I know... I wonder if you even still remember me. ^^"

I was looking through one of our old rps ( and got the urge to continue it -- or at least start another rp with you.



over 1 year ago Charizma said:

I have around half a year still to go cause India so I'm not sure where yet but I have been eyeing some good colleges that might require grades that I'll need to work really hard for.

I plan to do either computer engineering or electronics and communication engineering. Have to make up my mind on that too.

And I replied. ^_^


over 1 year ago Charizma said:

5 months later.... XD Well, I replied. I'm so sorry I didn't get to this earlier.

On a completely unrelated note. It's my last year in school! O.o I'm going to go to college next year. I'm frankly terrified and yet sorta excited. XD

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