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    Set only a few years in the future. I'm not a hundred percent sure where this is going to go. My entry for the serial contest. Hope yo…

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    Giving up?

    Two friends reconsider their relationship. A bit of a work in progress. Please heart/comment/review!

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    Hope you enjoy!

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about 4 years ago Ignorant-to-Life said:



over 4 years ago Hailey Calvert said:

Hey! I'm in a heart-based contest and I need to make it in the top 10 to be a finalist. I was wondering if you'd be interested in a swap? Read/heart my SHORT-STORY "Bound" please and then post on my wall what you'd like me to swap for in return! Thank you so much for your time, I appreciate it! Have a wonderful day! :)


almost 5 years ago Ignorant-to-Life said:

Hey! Could you read and heart if worthy, my short story "Immortality Bites" The short story, not the novel (Although if you liked the short story, definitely go ahead and read the novel)

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about 5 years ago Destiny Greene said:

Hey! Up for a swap? If you are, could you read either When I lost my best friend, An empty glass or wings and tell me what you think. None of them are very long. I'll read anything in return. Thanks in advance.


over 5 years ago David Nolan said:

if ive already asked you this, or you dont do swaps, my apologies. Hey! My story Sacrifice is in a contest that ends in an hour (5pm). So, if you want to swap, read/heart Sacrifice and ill return the favor! Thanks!

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82 pounds of pain

(about 7 years ago)

This made my shiver. This makes me see what anorexia's really like. I think that, though your content is outstanding, you have a lot of g... Read More »