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    My Sister

    A short poem about my older sister, who is a drug addict.

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  • My master plan cover
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    My Master Plan

    A tale of lost love, and an evil master plan. ;)

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  • Hunted cover1
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  • Dear ash, cover
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    Dear Ash,

    In honor of Ash, my gerbil, who has passed on to a better place. R.I.P Unknown – Jan. 2, 2011

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  • Crushed cover
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    My new year contest entry. Hope you enjoy it and don't forget to heart it if you do. ;)

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  • Dragon story cover
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    Some Random Story About A Dragon

    This is a short story that me and my cousin, Savanna Walsh, made while thinking of a good story idea about dragons because we couldn't…

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over 4 years ago Jordan Farr said:


Screen shot 2013-05-04 at 4.30.20 pm

almost 5 years ago Sol River <3 said:

Hey, you like pokemon, right? Well, guess what? There’s the perfect place for you that you can join! It’s a role-play full of adventure, romance, and action; I’d love to see you there! Please join; we’re waiting for people to embark on an adventure with us! :D Link:


almost 5 years ago Garima Gupta said:

Hey! Would you care to do a swap? I have three books: Keeping up a Facade, The Park Bench, and Someday.

1. If you read The Park Bench, I’ll read one of your stories.

2. If you read Keeping up a Facade and The Park Bench, I’ll read two of your stories.

3. If you read Someday, Keeping up a Facade, and The Park Bench, I’ll read three of your stories.

Just post on my wall to let me know if you’re interested! Thanks! :)

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almost 5 years ago Jordan Farr said:

You look like a person I would probably be friends with. Lets be friends. Okay.


about 5 years ago Mackenzie Kelley said:

Hello, I am here to request that you read my story, It's Not Okay, and heart it if you like it. If you do not do free reads then I am perfectly willing to do a swap. Sorry if you are not open to swaps and I just didn't notice it on your page and also sorry if you have already received this message. Happy writing!

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Some random story about dragons

(about 7 years ago)

Very nice. Creative too. I laughed, I cryed, I wowed. It was amazing. Of course, I mean, we wrote it together. ;P Read More »