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    [Froxxe's Plummet]

    A case of deep insomnia? Fine. Waking up in a city where the Gods have abandoned the planet? Tricky. Learning how to use magic to Hack…

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    You know of the Laws of Nature, but what if the Laws of Nature had a child. The Grand Laws. A new set of Laws to govern the world. Som…

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  • Proto_udk_2_by_paooo-d5u0v85
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    Dimensional Twist

    Everyone knows that there are multiple dimensions. But it is a lesser known fact that these dimensions are easily traversed. Especiall…

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    Wandering the Wastes

    The Precursors left everything a mess. One minute there was a civilization at the height of its evolution. The gods of the technologi…

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  • Dscn1367
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    In the dystopian rendition of the Wizard of Oz, a world torn by War is suddenly subject to the newest change of it's politics. This …

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    [I] Froxxe's Plummet

    The Consortium of the Gods is falling apart. The powers that were once balanced have been tipping into the hands of an ambitious God, …

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over 2 years ago Melanie Camacho said:

Want to swap? Read my book Warrior Trials and tell me on my wall not the book what you want me to read :)

16 year-old Melanie was born into a family of peasants yet she longs to be more. When the Warrior Master Trials start she eagerly jumps at the chance of being a contestant. One wrong move and she fails. Join Megan as she proves wether or not she has what it takes to become a true Warrior Master.


over 2 years ago Lucy Marie said:

Hey there! Up for a swap? I’m currently swapping for ‘Working Title’ (review for review, comment for comment). I will read anything. If you’re interested send me a message on my wall or get right into reading and I’ll return the swap ASAP. Thanks!~Lucy


about 4 years ago L. A. Webb said:

I am pleased to hear from you as well. I would like to warn you, this new chapter will be a little slower in pace than the previous one, so I hope it don't bore you too much. I look forward to reading some of this new work you mentioned. And yes it is nice to have a working rapport with others =) Oh and thank you for the follow.


about 4 years ago L. A. Webb said:

Hello my dear Kisora, I just wanted to pop in and let you know I uploaded the next chapter of my story. You do not have to read or review it, I just thought I would let you know =)

Book cover

about 4 years ago CrazyCana said:

Hey there, Kisora!

Do you want critiques for your work, anywhere from short reviews to long-term critiques? Do you like writing Fantasy? Than please consider Monsters, Magic & More, the fantasy critique group for those aspiring writers. We give long, constructive reviews (and training for those who don't know how) and point out errors in a friendly way. Come join our magical community.

P.S. Sorry if you don't like these ads, but you know, a group's gotta do what a group's gotta do!

Thank you so much for your consideration!

P.P.S. I love all your covers!

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The Child

(about 4 years ago)

“The Child” As always I must note, that the title of such pieces reveals just a sliver of the story, even if ‘the child’ may mean a wide ... Read More »

Hiking Blues

(about 4 years ago)

Let’s see, how to make this as detailed as possible with the little amount of reading there was. Well, to begin I’d like to appreciate th... Read More »