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    [0][The Origins of Reality & Existence]

    The Origins of Reality & Existence is the way Aeternum and the ensuing realms were said to be made. Below are the chapters regarding i…

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  • Proto_udk_2_by_paooo-d5u0v85
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    Dimensional Twist

    Everyone knows that there are multiple dimensions. But it is a lesser known fact that these dimensions are easily traversed. Especiall…

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  • Hexagon_wallpaper_by_voidnu-d4ldonr
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    Wandering the Wastes

    The Precursors left everything a mess. One minute there was a civilization at the height of its evolution. The gods of the technologi…

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  • Dscn1357
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    [I] Froxxe's Plummet

    The Consortium of the Gods is falling apart. The powers that were once balanced have been tipping into the hands of an ambitious God, …

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    [II] Allyse Ascendance

    The Second book of Froxxe's Tale begins as Noir and Froxxe realize that the only way to unlock the boy's memories is to go to the very…

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    [III] Shattria's Egression

    The third book of the Froxxe's tale, Shattria's Egression is Dystopian Fantasy at it's finest, unveiled in a world tainted by the Blac…

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Talk to me!


over 1 year ago L. A. Webb said:

I am pleased to hear from you as well. I would like to warn you, this new chapter will be a little slower in pace than the previous one, so I hope it don't bore you too much. I look forward to reading some of this new work you mentioned. And yes it is nice to have a working rapport with others =) Oh and thank you for the follow.


over 1 year ago L. A. Webb said:

Hello my dear Kisora, I just wanted to pop in and let you know I uploaded the next chapter of my story. You do not have to read or review it, I just thought I would let you know =)

Book cover

over 1 year ago CrazyCana said:

Hey there, Kisora!

Do you want critiques for your work, anywhere from short reviews to long-term critiques? Do you like writing Fantasy? Than please consider Monsters, Magic & More, the fantasy critique group for those aspiring writers. We give long, constructive reviews (and training for those who don't know how) and point out errors in a friendly way. Come join our magical community.

P.S. Sorry if you don't like these ads, but you know, a group's gotta do what a group's gotta do!

Thank you so much for your consideration!

P.P.S. I love all your covers!

Bird girl

over 1 year ago Etta said:

Hello, Kisora! I deeply apologize for my delay...classes have been quite rough recently and I had to put off reviewing your mini-novels until this weekend when I'd have time for it. And now that I can, I'll have you know that I am extremely excited to read your stories, starting with the second one, and I'll definitely try my best to find the time and finish both the second and the third books. Also, if there is anything else that you would like for me to read, I'll gladly check it out! Again, I am so sorry about not getting back to you sooner, and I'll begin reviewing the second mini-novel now.


over 1 year ago L. A. Webb said:

I am glad I was able to answer some of your questions, feel free to ask anything you don't understand or just curious about. I will try my best to answer any you ask. I will let you know as soon as I post the next chapter. I am currently up to chapter 9, however, I am trying to do some major editing and a bit of rewriting to make it better. At the moment I am alone in doing this, and since I am not the best at editing, it tends to take a bit longer. Not to mention class work getting in the way. The joys of college life.

Feel free to stop by and talk any time. It can be about writing, reading, or any other topic you may wish to chat about. I'm pretty much an open book!

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The Child

(over 1 year ago)

“The Child” As always I must note, that the title of such pieces reveals just a sliver of the story, even if ‘the child’ may mean a wide ... Read More »

Hiking Blues

(over 1 year ago)

Let’s see, how to make this as detailed as possible with the little amount of reading there was. Well, to begin I’d like to appreciate th... Read More »