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about 4 hours ago Fishy said:

You're very welcome. I saw that it was updated in the library earlier and the title caught my eye. When I started reading your writings, some of them were very relating to me in ways. Was happy to have read it when I had the chance. Love your style.


Prince 085

2 days ago Steph A. said:

My wall has become a ghost town, I guess. Meh, whatever. And, yeah, my writing about work kind of helped. Definitely gained a bit of my sanity back.


4 days ago Jake Blizman said:

Thanks for all your critiques on my story, they're a really big help! I do have a few questions about what you read, and if you answered them it would be a huge help! A) At any time during the reading were you bored? If so, where? B) Was Aryss' character more likeable/redeemable? C) Was Erasmus' character likeable/redeemable? Thanks again!


4 days ago NEF Castuera said:

You're welcome! Thanks for the comment on "Small Drops" :D I'm really glad you like it. :D

P.s Sorry for the consecutive numbers of profile comment from me. The system is not in my favor.


5 days ago Jake Blizman said:

Hello! Sorry it took a while to review your piece, I got really busy in the past few days. I left a review and I would love it if you read/reviewed the first couple of chapters of my story, "Brightest of their Age"! Thanks in advance!

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