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about 1 month ago Mikki Jayne said:

You deleted all of your writing ?


3 months ago Talia said:

You totally don't have to share the personal piece you've written to anyone ever, just tuck it away neatly somewhere for yourself to find maybe sometime later on in life. A kind of mini time capsule that you'll stumble upon one day that might show how far you've come from the person you were when you wrote that piece. Are you ever afraid of becoming someone so different from yourself that you won't remember the thoughts your younger self used to have? I guess that kind of sounds stupid like isn't that just essentially what growing up is? But I'm not scared of changing into someone different just scared of not remembering all I've ever felt and thought, like that concept to me is...crazy. Maybe that's why it's important for me to write personal pieces idk. I think it's really nice that you could easily write personal pieces about your loved ones. I feel like those pieces are a little easier to write because when it comes to your loved ones there tends to be no shame, unlike writing about yourself where there tends to be too much shame.


3 months ago Talia said:

So did you ever wind up attempting to write something personal? Do expand if so, if not that's cool too. I get the whole, "it's too painful to write" thing, which is why I find my hardest pieces to write are also my most simplistic ones. But for me, I guess it's worth the pain of writing it all out because if I don't I have literally no form of release and I need some kind of release.


3 months ago Talia said:

Thanks for reading some of my poetry, I actually was kind of joking there but it means a lot that someone's read them. I find it strange that it's hard for you to write personal pieces though. I don't know, isn't it harder to write pieces that aren't personal? Like how do you write something without instinctively investing any of your own experiences or emotions into it? I feel like it'd be a lot harder for me to write about things outside of my own experiences like even if I just tried to write about a flower's beauty or whatever. I get the whole "it's hard being personal with other people" thing, but I feel like when it comes to writing it's a lot easier to write them out than speaking those emotions bottled inside out loud. Maybe if you just wrote for yourself though, you'd find yourself becoming more comfortable with writing personal pieces? Because it's just as important to write for you than for an audience. But anyway I don't think it makes you a bad writer not being able to write personal pieces in the slightest because your observances and the way you articulate and describe things can also make really beautiful and wonderful art.


3 months ago Talia said:

That's amazing, it sounds like you've truly found something that you're passionate and great at. Which is evidently really really rare, no? I could be completely wrong about the passionate and great part of it all but I doubt it. I just feel like you're the kind of person who's just good at almost pretty much everything. I don't even mean that as outright flattery I just really think that's the case with you lol. Also I'm sure your poetry is not shit, you could read some of mine and I think it'll make you feel a whole lot better. ALSO make that book for your mom she'll probably definitely cry and love it so much and keep it by her bedside table and show all her friends.

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