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    The Girl with the Rifle

    Wow, I wrote a serious piece that wasn't nonsense for once. What am I becoming?

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    Investigation into Idiocy

    Uh, it's been a while since I've done any prose. This was part two of a story I once planned out that had like 50-60 parts. Don't thin…

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    Brush your Teeth

    I forget what I was originally trying to write about here.

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    Did you mean...?

    Is this even poetry? I don't know. It's pure unadulterated nonsense. Also, I never finished it.

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    Poem in Progress

    I wasn't sure what to write about so I planned out a poem. Now I just need to find the right words.

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    Another example of what happens when I try to write after drinking.

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3 months ago Morgan Lee J said:

Thanks for your comment on my poem! I wrote that for a poetry class in college. I forget what its specifically called. I think it's called a mosaic poem so the goal was for it to be structurally appealing... but yeah, I'm not that good at speaking words, but writing them and then having people read them is so much easier!


5 months ago ShadowKingLegette said:

My favorite sonic game is Sonic 3 and Knuckles.


5 months ago ♡Stephanie♡ said:

You're very welcome. I saw that it was updated in the library earlier and the title caught my eye. When I started reading your writings, some of them were very relating to me in ways. Was happy to have read it when I had the chance. Love your style.


Prince 085

5 months ago Steph A. said:

My wall has become a ghost town, I guess. Meh, whatever. And, yeah, my writing about work kind of helped. Definitely gained a bit of my sanity back.


5 months ago Jake Blizman said:

Thanks for all your critiques on my story, they're a really big help! I do have a few questions about what you read, and if you answered them it would be a huge help! A) At any time during the reading were you bored? If so, where? B) Was Aryss' character more likeable/redeemable? C) Was Erasmus' character likeable/redeemable? Thanks again!

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(3 months ago)

Asking a bunch of questions isn't an unusual thing in poetry. The rhyme scheme is a nice touch, but you often break it and you really don... Read More »


(5 months ago)

I'm going to have to agree with Joseph. You created a pattern for yourself, and it was a good pattern. This issue is you broke it on seve... Read More »