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    The Squirrel

    It's a poem about roadkill. How interesting could that be, huh? No idea, but here's a rough draft of something thrown together in fift…

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    Happy Anniversary

    This was written due to a thread in gen/ran. I liked it so I finished it. Enjoy the bad rhymes and no meter.

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    The Life of Sam Soran

    A series of dark and sometimes gory stories of an unknowingly omnipotent boy by the name of Sam Soran.

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    CHECK IT OUT! I MADE A VIDEO FOR THIS POEM! LINK: https://vimeo.com/62664274 Now you can read it IN STYLE~!

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    Fifty Lettered Title

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    Cognitive Dissonance

    Blah blah, descriptive description is not being descriptive. BAM! This now includes a second chapter that has a rewritten version t…

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1 day ago izadorarex said:

Great question! I also love Izasaurus :) Izerella and Izmas. Hehehe


3 months ago Attila said:

Oh, well I don't think it really has anything to do with Cronus. That's just what I think of xD. I used to read a ton of Greek myths though. I loved them.


3 months ago Attila said:

I guess it is. It makes me think of an illustration from D'aulaires' Book of Greek Myths of Cronus swallowing his kids. It's quite a good metaphor though, wouldn't you say? :P


3 months ago Attila said:

No problem man, I know how it is. Sometimes I can't edit my own stuff because I am afraid of eating my baby.


3 months ago robin has no name said:

ye ive watched shows where it was a looot worse

this ones comparatively lightweight in that area which is good

im SO PUMPED for the second episode ffUK i already love shoujo girl and blonde girl theyre my FAVORITE

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Not Afraid

(12 months ago)

*First Chapter* Third paragraph: my - me Sixth paragraph: "I w went" I think you can find the error there. Then you have three s... Read More »

In My Head

(over 1 year ago)

The first thing I noticed was a minor thing. Sometimes you use periods after the second word in the first line of every stanza, and somet... Read More »