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  • Borgias
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    Love & War

    I hate these heart-based contests, but I like to write, so I've entered the Soulbound Short Story Contest! I'd appreciate hearts but t…

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  • Addie
    • 13
    • 5


    Actually based on a conversation of two characters of mine (and my best friend's) whom I love. I could just imagine them (Adeline and …

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  • Lies
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    Lies on the Lips of my Mother

    Things are rarely as they seem....family included.

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  • Hourglass
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    I die at the end

    16 year old Austin Bermind isn't one for sugarcoating things, his own death included. He bluntly attempts to lay out the facts of de…

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  • Knight_of_water
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    Cross Your Fingers & Try Not To Drown

    Barely a toddler, Maximus Fe watched his father walk into the ocean and never come out. Now 20, he enjoys college life and manages to …

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  • 2015-0cover1
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    The End of You

    Recently deceased, college grad Elise Dalton is thrust out of her "real life" and into a new afterlife where she is appointed tempora…

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over 2 years ago Hana said:

anytime! it's true! i love your writing...and I can't wait to read more of your works when I have time xoxo


over 2 years ago America's Next Great Author said:

Last night J.Castro/TheLonelySlayer's petition post AND account were deactivated for forming this protest against the Figment Staff's mistreatment of account holders. Please help to reinstate both MilestoneZine AND TheLonelySlayer by signing this new petition here Thank you.


almost 3 years ago Kayla Allen said:

Hey! I started an online press and we are currently accepting submissions for our first anthology. The theme is letters! If you're interested, you can find out more here: http://308press.weebly.com/

Have a great day!

Saerwen (real name: Kayla)

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almost 3 years ago Shayymin said:

Hey, do you want to swap? If so, please read, "Freedom in the Sky" and tell me what you think! I'd be happy to read anything of your's, just let me know what you want me to read.


almost 3 years ago Ellie Williams said:

NOTE: Apologies if you don't like group advertisements. I'm just trying to get the word out and mean no disrespect. Feel free to delete this message if you're not interested.

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(over 3 years ago)

This was actually really good, and really sad! The beginning was a tad confusing, but it certainly cleared itself. It's really sweet and ... Read More »

Blazing Blizzard

(over 3 years ago)

I found myself to be quite intrigued by the story! I only got to the first chapter, but your writing did make me want to read more! T... Read More »