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about 1 month ago Lexi C said:

Hey! If you get the chance, could you please read "We're Safe Now" or "For Anyone You Love"? I would appreciate it so much! If you would like I would also be willing to swap for this. Thanks! :)

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about 1 year ago Megan Evans said:

Up for a swap, if so read and leave feedback on Comatose, and I'll gladly do the same for you.


over 1 year ago Melissa Gray said:

Hey would you like to swap? Read and review "Rage" and i ill review anything in return :)

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over 1 year ago Margaret K. Johnson said:

Would you like to join my groups, Cool Contests andd Harry Potter Fanfiction? =D I'd love it if you would! Also, would you like to swap?


almost 2 years ago Kylie Marie said:

Hey! Care to swap? Please read Love is Blind. I'll read anything in return.

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