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  • Sunset horizon
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    A short story/poem about a Queen and stars.

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  • Moon background
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    Tengkou ltd.

    A future in which dying isn't exactly the end - heaven comes cheap and commercialised. The dialogue between a dead man with a Mohawk a…

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  • Nasa galaxy
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    Talitha, cumi

    A short poem I wrote, inspired by a friend! (Not sure about the name, may change) Name inspiration: Picture cr…

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  • 3391849310_fdb4426f51_m
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    I entered this for the Stanza 2014 poetry competition and won first place in the Senior category! I think it's pretty swell. All phot…

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  • 5-steampunk-wallpaper
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    The Tin man

    This is the story of a metal man left behind, found by a homesick girl with nothing but a memory of a name and a pair of ruby red slip…

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  • Nichola and nicholas 3
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    A girl and a boy.

    A girl who's life is is brought back from the dead with the help of a boy she's never met.

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over 3 years ago D.T Stewart said:

Wish to read a true story? If so, please read Life Inside a Journal, completely based on a true story. (Names and scenes where changed for identity reasons and figment friendly.)


almost 5 years ago Julia A said:

I loved your story "The Tin man"! Could you read/heart "Imperfect?" please? Feel free to read any of my other writings! Thanks so much! Spread the word.

Screen shot 2014-12-18 at 8.50.26 am

almost 5 years ago Madelyn Neal said:

about 16 hours ago Madelyn Neal said: Hey! I noticed that you liked Werewolves, so I was wondering if you would be interested in this! If you have read Raised By Wolves, then this is perfect to you. Even if not, I explain everything in the discussion. Hope you will join!


almost 5 years ago Madeleine G. said:


The time left for being a finalist in the contest I'm in is whittling down and I'm trying to reach my heart goal!

Please read/heart my SHORT story, "PERCEPTION OF DECEPTION" (on my page)!

I am willing to swap but a free read would be even better.





almost 5 years ago said:

Would you like to swap?read and heart(if deserved) my story,the beautiful things. My goal is at least 2,000 hearts before march 13th:D,I'm saving up for a horse!

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