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2 days ago Lauren Fricke said:

I'd love if you could take a look at "First Star I See"!

Let me know when you do, and I'll read "cat and dani"!


3 days ago Brianna Callanan said:

Thanks for the review also I read Cat and Dani and reviewed. It is enjoyable to read. Sorry, it took a couple of days to return the swap. Also glad that you were able to enjoy my novel even though it was dystopian.


5 days ago Christina Jane said:

I'd be happy to swap :) If you check out my story Stockholm Syndrome, I will read your story


7 days ago Lauren Fricke said:

I'd love to swap! So sorry for the late response.

Are you still open to it?


7 days ago Brianna Callanan said:

I have a couple of options. It's up to you. I am mostly working on my romance/general fiction and then my science fiction. Why I say, general fiction is because the romance is a darker tone and the way I plan to end it is not necessarily positive ending. It depends on how it is looked at. Then I have a teen fiction, and I have a dark fantasy.

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Stockholm Syndrome

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I LOVE short stories and I love them even more when they end the way yours did, with a twist like that! This was excellent, truly, I love... Read More »

First Star I See

(1 day ago)

This was beautifully written. At first I wasn't sure who Travis was talking about. My first thought wasn't actually his girlfriend, maybe... Read More »