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    How To Make a Book Cover


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    On NaNo, I'm emksteele. Be my friend.? - the double punctuation makes this a request and a command.

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3 months ago Rose K said:

Here is the link to his profile; http://figment.com/users/423363-whitehatseo And here is the link to the story he commented on; http://figment.com/books/1040377-Wolfie my comment on his profile page is a little, mean I guess, and I'm sorry, I was just very... alarmed by the article.


3 months ago Rose K said:

Hi, I need to report someone, he commented a weird comment on my story and sent two VERY inappropriate articles, is there any way you could take away the comments and take him off figment? They are still there, there is proof, he commented on my story 'Wolfie' I think you will find it, he has done the same thing to at least one other person and I'm sure many others. :( Please help!!


10 months ago Phoenix Lynch said:

I accidentally created the group 'Breath of the Wild Ones" two times. Could you delete the newest one for me? Thank you so, so much!


11 months ago Daniel Jimenez said:

Hi, Emily! Sorry to bother you, but I recently received this message on my story:

Although it didn't bother me, I noticed that the same message was posted to some other people, as shown here:

I'm not sure if it's a spam bot or if it's something else, but could you look into it please? Thank you!


11 months ago Clisa Brovinski said:

hey! will you review some of my books/poems!!!!

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