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    I wrote this for my creative writing class. It's still a work in progress, and it needs a lot of cleaning up. I really enjoyed writing…

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  • Delicate
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    Shanna is gifted with the talent of healing. She was born of water, and healing is one of the gifts that are given through that birthr…

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  • Little monsterr
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    Little Monster

    This flash fiction was written by a child's perspective. The child has just become a big sibling, and is taking it a little hard. Ever…

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  • Mybannermaker_banner (42)
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    Rowena, or Ren as she is often called, is a soldier in King Aldrich’s militia. It is her job to infiltrate rebel camps and organizatio…

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  • Mybannermaker_banner (98)
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    This was written for day four (4) of the Because It Is My Blood Flash Fiction Contest. The prompt is: Your best friend’s significant o…

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  • Mybannermaker_banner (99)
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    Endless Twilight

    I didn't want to leave my home, but I had no choice. The Fates cursed me to wander, and wander I must. This was written for day fiv…

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Talk to me!


4 months ago 〰Veronica Fee〰 said:

Hi! I recently seen a cover you'd made on another person's profile- so I looked you up- and here I am! I don't know if there's another way I'm supposed to ask you, but could you make me a cover?

Title: A Scar Drawn Thrice

Author: Veronica Fee

Summary: "A Scar Drawn Thrice" is a story of heartbreak, of love, of vengeance. A tale that delves underneath the true nature of life, and of living.--- It is a time, and a place unbeknownst to us. The world has spiraled into dark, and life has become a precious gift to only a select few. The Droids, robotic humanoids, have replaced most real life on Earth. Those who are truly living have to keep it secret- otherwise they are taken by the bounty hunter- to never return. (You can also read the story- it's really short :3)

Mood: Sort of dark and ominous

If you aren't able to- or if this is an inconvenience, please let me know.

Sorry if I've been a bother, thank you!

Veronica :3


6 months ago M.C. Stewart said:

Hey Mira.

Do you mind making ma a cover? If so, the info is below! Thank you!:

Name: Finding Him

Author: M.C. Stewart

Summary: Recently orphaned eighteen-year old No is tired of life in Philly. So on the brink of her sanity, she packs and moves to New York. New place. New start. New life. And everything is great until she meets... him.

Byline: Time is such a precious thing to waste... (Include the dots)

Thank you so much if you *do* decide to do it. I'll credit you!



7 months ago Mochi Tsang said:

Hey! I dunno if this helps, but it's basically a Russian/Slavic mythology, and in terms of colour scheme, I always think white, navy/silvery blues and gold. I dunno if that helps at all ^^; The era is also very similar to the late Baroque.


7 months ago alice eva said:

make beleive young artists. start, believe but never finish. share your dreams.



7 months ago Rebekah said:

MIRA THAT IS AMAZING! Wow! Of course I will give you some feedback on Driving and credit. Thank you sooooo much!!!

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