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  • Finac_cover01_by_papermoon007-d5lyz6v
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    Faith in a Claus

    At the Palmer Sunshine Center, all of the kids believe in Santa Claus. All except Charley Newman, whose lack of faith stirs up a contr…

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  • Foodcover
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    The Food Games

    May your digestion be ever in your favor! Join Fatniss, Pale, and Panini in the most absurd Hunger Games parody you will ever read. In…

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  • Secretforce
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    Journey to the Center of the Internet

    Join James Thomas as he and a gang of worn-out internet memes fight in order to combat the mysterious forces of cybernetic evil! Up…

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2 months ago Sidra Baig said:

Hi I wrote a song called Your promise you can read it if you follow me thanks!


7 months ago Avery Grace said:

Hey! Would you mind swapping with me? I'd be happy to read whatever content you have in mind in exchange for a review on my story 'Cheap Sex & Cigarettes.' Thanks for your time!

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8 months ago Mina Autumn said:

Theme: -- As you were wandering around in the forest, you accidentally fell. You, literally, fall into a new world. What is this world like? **************************** Rules: --Must follow the theme --No more than 3000 words --You can continue to update the story. The final copy will be judged May 26th --No sexual talk or scenes in your work *************************** TO ENTER: --post the name of your story or the link in either the discussion in the group "The Bookworms" or on Mina Autumn's profile.  **************************** Judges: --Mina Autumn  ************************* Judged by: --creativity --originality --clarity ************************* Prizes: 1st Place – heart, reaction, and review (piece of your choice) 2nd Place – heart and comment (piece of your choice) 3rd Place – heart and reaction (piece of your choice)   Winners announced June 3rd.

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9 months ago Naki Lashiva said:

You didn't happen to make an Eragon parody too did you? Cause I was reading your hunger games one, and I came across "Urine-soaked copy of the book, Eragon". I read a fantastic parody of Eragon previously on line. Gah, it's such a horrible book lol.


over 1 year ago paige williams said:

Hello would you ever be so kind as to follow me. you are welcome to comment on any of my story's and join my groups such as FOR ALL THOSE FANS OUT THERE, and 5TH WAVE ROLE PLAY i am in need for characters so i can began to play i would glad to follow you as well

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Poems From A Cynic

(almost 4 years ago)

The first two sentences really spoke to me. I truly thought you were addressing me directly, bridging that distance between the author an... Read More »


(almost 5 years ago)

I found myself smiling a lot through this story. Tess and Mae really came across as living people in my mind - their dialogue was funny, ... Read More »