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    The sea drake

    This was a really fun text to write. I wanted to get to know the character Elisen better, so I put her in one of her greatest moments,…

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  • Shadowbranch_2_by_sonoria_wolf
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    Yet another poem from my fantasy world with currently no name. This one are all about the underalfs, but you may also know them by dar…

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  • Carved heart
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    Mother Death

    This is a poem from my fantasy world, more precisely the Northern Kingdoms where it is belied that Death is the mother to life and kee…

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  • Mighty_trees_by_sonoria_wolf
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    The origin of humans and orcs

    This is an important piece in the history of my fantasy world. Not only does it give a fair starting point for future development, but…

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  • Red_abstract
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    History of the Northern Kingdoms

    A taste of my fantasy world and an brief summary of The Northern Kingdoms history. This is a project I have been working at for some t…

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  • The_eye_of_chaos_by_sonoria_wolf-d34sxg7
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    Last breath

    Last breath started as a poem, ended as a action sci-fi. The world as we know it is gone. It ended in “the last war”. Now it is only …

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over 1 year ago S. E. Spradlin 龙思文 said:

To m'lords and ladies:


It is with great revere and humility that I come to your glorious profile. *low, sweeping bow* I wish greatly that I came with good tidings, but alas I bear ill news that I fear I must trouble you with. Please forgive me for casting such woes on your already burdened shoulders. Tis' not my first choice in meeting, but time is bent against me and I see no other choice than the one before me. *kneels*

I (being Sprad the First) wove the tale entitled Listen – a story packed with stunning detail, heroic knights, and one heck of a piano player - and it is my sole wish to ask that you bequeath your support for my story so that it can stand against the throws of the great and horrific war known only to Figment authors as the Seventeen Magazine Contest. (Not to mention, *meaningful raising of eyebrows* it's only 487 words long *winning smile*)

I am willing to participate in haggling of any sorts: I take swaps, trades, and dare I even speak of the legendary free read. AND *queue drum roll* I'll even throw in a virtual hot chocolate WITH MARSHMALLOWS PEOPLE!!

But now, with regret, I fear I must bid thee a goodday. Many others I still must herald my plea to. *bows again, swiftly yet deeply* I am forever in your debt for your kind reception of me into your noble halls and your election to consider my offers.

A star shines upon the hour of our meeting *clasps hand across chest in farewell*


*If you don't do swaps or I have visited your hall before... *kneels* I beg your pardon with most sincere and meekest of apologies. I vow I will strive to do better in your memory!


over 1 year ago Cheyenne Summers said:

Hello! :) I was wondering if you'd like to swap? I'll read/like/review any of your stories if you'll read/like Megan's Bridge! If you don't swap I'm sorry for bothering you! :)Thank you so much! If I've already sent this I apologize, it's hard to keep track!


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