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  • Agrand
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    A Grandmother's Touch

    Just a sort of poem/prose dedicated to my late grandmother, who died when I was ten years old. One of the things I can remember clearl…

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  • Gershwincover
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    Why Can't It Be Like That Again?

    A short series of verse, reminiscing the old days when music and films were one.

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  • Mypaperfamily
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    My Paper Family

    An assassin whose life has been ridled by Soviet conflict and death and remorse, collects family photographs from his victims in an ef…

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  • Littlelillibet
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    Little Lillibet

    For the ThinkingSideways Contest.Inspired by my poem/prose, Let Your Voice Be Heard. King George VI is given the news that his brothe…

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  • Blissfulthinking
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    Blissful Thinking

    A short sequence of a prosperous con-man and womanizer's daily itinerary. Draft on a future character... For the Daily Theme: Ha…

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  • Areyousittingcomfortably
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    Are You Sitting Comfortably?

    FOR THE CINDER CONTEST- Gwen Hertfordshire is a fifteen-year-old girl whose dreams come to life when she sleeps- in particular, a Germ…

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almost 4 years ago Ignorant-to-Life said:


Misc 033

over 4 years ago Kimberly said:

Could you read my haiku? And heart it if you think it deserves it? It's called Haunting Trees. I'll gladly read anything of yours.


over 4 years ago Amaryliss White said:

Hey there! Would you mind doing me a huge favor and checking out my story, “Never Break Me”? I can read anything of yours in return, just tell me what. Thanks so much!

Josiah and me copy

over 4 years ago RebaShimer said:

Hi there!!! Would you mind reading my story waiting for the Patterson contest?? Hearts are appreciated but only if deserved! I will read a story for you in return, but a free read is cool too. Thanks!

Beach girl

almost 5 years ago Natasha V. said:

Hey! My friend Ali Hart posted a new story, and she would love some feedback. She hasn't been very active on Figment lately, and she'd really love if you could read/heart her story. It's called A Casual Explosion, and here's the link: http://figment.com/books/481978-A-Casual-Explosion If you want to swap, please reply on my wall, as she doesn't always check hers. :) Thanks, and I'm really sorry if she or I have already asked you or if you don’t like swaps!

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My Reviews

A Quest of Madness

(over 5 years ago)

Oh, the details had me enamored at the first line! The precisely described yet subtly humorous plot of this story is a delightful treat f... Read More »


(over 5 years ago)

Absolutely love this!:) From the details to the subtle humor, the fluid-flowing lines and wonderful, wonderful adjectives - this is a sto... Read More »