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  • Life remembered
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    Is This Real Life?

    Bryn Wood is a young princess living in a kingdom full of fear. This fear stems from a world, one below hers and one that no one has e…

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  • Guardians
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    Not sure if title is final choice yet, or what direction I'm going with this, but I thought I'd share it anyway. Feel free to give ide…

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  • Random cover
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    Hunter of the Night

    Title is temporary. I made this cover for a contest and thought it sort of fit the content of the story, which I still am not sure whe…

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  • Life 2
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    Life Remembered

    Ok, so I started writing this about a year ago when I was really angry with my stepmom, and it's kind of a fictional biography...I've …

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  • Random
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    The Beginning

    One of ten winners ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ So, this is for the Autumn Falls contest. Dallas is just a normal girl, in a normal home. …

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  • Random
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    Unexpected Complications

    So, this story follows my characters from Life Remembered. I wrote this for English awhile back, so feel free to comment with how it c…

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8 days ago Abigail Mabry said:

Hey, its Abby. I wrote my blue eyed angel and i wanted to let you know that im rewriting it on my new account. i forgot my password so i re-did everything.let me know what you think


about 1 month ago Queen of the world said:

Thanks for a follow :)


8 months ago Mercury Winters said:

Hey! This is Mercury- I just came back to Figment after taking a long break. I've been rewriting my novel "The Waiting Room" and have the first chapter up. I would love some feedback on it so far. In exchange, I will happily read or review anything you'd like! Thank you and let me know if you're interested :)


8 months ago Selina Kreamelmeyer said:

Hello! I was wondering if you would be willing to do a swap with me? If so could you please read my story Blood Crazed (only 36 minutes reading time) and leave an honest opinion for me and let me know what I could read in return for you. I hope to hear from you!


8 months ago Liam McNeal said:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Hi! Me and my fiance (who designed this cover) are working on a steampunk fantasy in which elves enslave humans, then the humans attempt to rebel. This will eventually be a trilogy. If you coud read it and gice us honest opinions, please check it out :)

If you prefer to swap, I work busy schedules, please contact my fiance. Here's the link to her profile:

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My Reviews

My blue eyed angel

(12 months ago)

Hello, I'm here keeping up my end of the swap agreement. So, I like the story idea so far, and I'm guessing you're still a relatively new... Read More »

The Untamed

(about 2 years ago)

Hello. I am following through with my end of our swap. So, I read everything and I absolutely love the concept of this story and the di... Read More »