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about 1 month ago epfsaving said:!/;u=358363!/;u=357108


about 3 years ago ForestWalker said:

If you are not open to swaps then you can ignore this, but if you want to be kind and read my brandonsanderson contest entry 'Burn' then please do. If you are open to swaps then I promise to read something in return,(as long as it's the same length, or shorter) Thanks!;)


about 3 years ago Pootatoes said:

hey bro. yeah i used to follow liz on tumblr and she just disappeared. I hope she's alright

and yeah he's still being an asshole unfortunately, but thats life.

i hope ur doing good bro


over 3 years ago Dewey the Machine (Dewgan) said:

Thanks for the comment. Constructive criticism is always good anywho. I like to hear input before I go into the seconds draft.


over 3 years ago Khulood Fahim said:

Salaam Ali! I really hope you'll check your Figment and that my reply isn't too late. I put off checking my messages for so long because for a while I was getting nothing but swap requests, and they were getting very annoying.

YAAAY! You're going to love this city! I just hope you can stand the unbearable heat that we're going through right now. Will you be here during Ramadan? It'll be a great experience. Make sure to walk around your hotel lobby during iftar time and maybe drop in on a meal, that atmosphere is always beautiful then. And the Corniche streets are also decorated for Ramadan and Eid. Will you be with a tour group, or would you like some suggestions? :) That's actually really funny because I'm going to be in the US in July. Again, I really hope you see this and that you'll update me! I'll be checking frequently now since I'm on summer break, and I'd like to get back into putting my writing up here.

Looking forward to hearing back!

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