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  • Magic
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    Was my entry for the Seventeen Mag contest! Please read, I hope you like it. :) Amazing cover done by Felicia K!

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  • Moon flowers and stars
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    Stars and Moon Flowers

    Just a short story I wrote! :)

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  • Anoseinabook
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    Eve Under Pressure

    Eve has never had many friends. No one but her friend Liv, who moves to Atlanta before their senior year, really knows Eve. When Jack,…

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  • Hand-cursor1
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    The Guiding Hand (WIP)

    Work In Progress. Spencer is a member of an organization called The Guiding Hand. His people see death and it's consequences, and und…

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  • Concentrationcover
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    Meredith Cappolli dreams about leaving. Being trapped in a place you can't leave is bad enough. Having super powers that put you there…

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  • Eye
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    Sequel to Concentration: Two months after Meredith Cappolli saved her friends, she's back to training, now with secrets that keep weig…

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Talk to me!


3 months ago Avery Grace said:

Hey! Would you mind swapping with me? I'd be happy to read whatever content you have in mind in exchange for a review on my story 'Cheap Sex & Cigarettes.' Thanks for your time!

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3 months ago Jo said:

My contest Writing With the Stars will have open spots until midnight EST. of May 6th, if anyone would like to join a multi-round short story writing contest. We'd really love more members, or if you'd like to be a judge we'd be happy to have you too :)



3 months ago Desiree Rayne said:


I just posted a new story that I'm looking for a little feedback on! "Awaiting My Prince" is only 6 minutes long and a new draft of a WIP I began writing many, many years ago! Anything is helpful! I am willing to read whatever in return, just name it! :D

Thank a bunch,

Desiree Rayne


4 months ago Grace Walenta said:

Hello! I've read a few of your stories and they're really good! I was wondering if you would be willing to swap with me? I'd love some feedback on "A broken heart mended" and I can read any of yours that you'd like.


4 months ago L. Huo said:

Hi! I just got started on figment, and I was stalking around and I found some of your writing and aghh you're amazing :) I was wondering if you'd be willing to swap with me? If so, can you please give me some feedback "The Bridge" / tell me what you'd like me to read? Thanks!

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My Reviews

A Four-Letter Word

(11 days ago)

(Tried to start a new paragraph but hit enter instead). Anyway, you nailed the social hierarchy of high school, and I liked that Emily ha... Read More »

A Four-Letter Word

(11 days ago)

Return swap for The Guiding Hand (sorry it took so long!! :( ) This is a really good story! You are excellent at showing, not telling, w... Read More »