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  • Rape3_84631700
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    *WARNING: this writing is not appropriate for anyone under the age of 18; This poem regards a rape topic* Something I wrote today in …

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  • Cover7
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    Forgive Me For I Have Sinned

    Just something I wrote randomly... I'm not religious at all though.

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  • Img-thing
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    Runaway Girl

    Just something I wrote in like 10 minutes when I went to McDonalds this morning x-x Sorry, I know it's not that good >-<

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  • Liescover
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  • Ifitriedcover
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    If I tried.

    :0 Just some random thing I put together when doing a contest with a friend... (Who could make the poem with best rhymes...)

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  • Hhtrhtrhththtr
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    Fairy Tale Forest

    Shun the none believers.

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about 1 month ago gray wind said:

HELLO LOVE, I know you probably hate ads on your wall, but You should totally join this group! Free Reads for all who join!


about 1 month ago Lily said:

hey! Swap? If so comment what you want me to read of yours and I'll do that. Could you please in exchange read my Sherlock fanfiction


about 1 month ago Marion DeLou said:

Would you like to swap? What piece would you like me to read? :)


about 1 month ago gray wind said:

Hey i saw your post in the forum and went ahead and left a comment on 'alone' good job! If you could read 'gender mole' on my page to complete the swap, that would be great! Thanks love and have a good weekend!

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My Reviews

Gender Mole

(about 1 month ago)

I loved it! It's great how it has kind of a Dr. Seuss-y feel to it. Read More »

The Homecoming War

(almost 2 years ago)

The storyline is great, but the description is a bit long. Read More »