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    A short story I recently rediscovered about an alien and an unsuspecting human.

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  • The drunken bard cover m.a.chase
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    The Drunken Bard

    *Started off as a short story for my school's newspaper and has extended into a full novel!* The Drunken Bard Tavern, a hyped up ba…

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  • Figment cover; broken
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    This is a short story I wrote from a WriteWorld prompt a while back. The prompt: Every muscle and joint aches, every breath is a s…

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  • The girl who ventured cover
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    The Girl Who Ventured

    **Placed Third in the Doctor Who Fan-Fiction Contest** **Goal of 200 hearts [met! 4/6/13]** **Limit of 1200 words** Because of th…

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  • The girl who ventured cover
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    The Girl Who Ventured (full)

    This story was for the Doctor Who contest, and after many requests (and much thought) I've decided to lengthen it into a full fan fict…

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  • Saving grace cover figment
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    Saving Grace

    Started: 10/24/12 *cover picture found on Google* *still a work in progress* *more chapters coming* Grace's mother has been drink…

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almost 3 years ago Lauren Wiseman said:

Hey, M.A.! So *grand* apologies because I have been AWOL for, well, ever--but I finally had time to even check Figment. I plan to read more of Drunken Bard tonight since I don't have to go to work.

Thank you for your patience, and again--I apologize.


almost 3 years ago J.C. Kingsland said:

Your covers are ready in the Library :) Happy writing < 3


almost 3 years ago Anna Browne said:

Click Here

almost 3 years ago Jezєвєℓ Katerina said:



almost 3 years ago Helana said:

Thank you so much for the review! The story is super old and neglected, and I have not done much to it since 2012. I've been waiting for a review like this so I can get into the hard core revising and editing, so again, thank you! I really appreciate the time you took to review my work. I wish I had something better to display my skills, but at the time, all my recent pieces are under revision.

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The Hatter

(almost 3 years ago)

Chapter One Usually what I try to do is make sure that paragraphs that are one after the other don’t have the same beginning. i.e. “A ra... Read More »

Everyone Writes About Sadness

(almost 3 years ago)

I apologize for the review taking so long. I didn't realize that it wouldn't notify me when someone posts to the thread. I will make sure... Read More »