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over 4 years ago OvercomingDyslexic said:

Hey, it's Lexi :) I just wrote a story about a girl who must choose between her future and her family's survival. It does deal with prostitution, so I want to be sure that I portrayed Eva as delicately as possible and that I did the culture of Samana justice. I would really appreciate it if you could check it out. It's called "Eva":


almost 5 years ago Classy-Queen said:

Hi! I'm here to ask, if you could help me out by reading/hearting my 3 min. piece "Vengeance is Never Sweet". I need like 1,000 more hearts to be with the top 10. *moans* I'm fairly new here and the first thing that caught my attention when I came here was a contest worth 5,000 dollars! It's a heart based contest and at the time I didn't know how annoying and tiring it would be. I need your help, but don't worry I wont leave you hanging either. ;)


1) A read and feedback on any one of your pieces

2) A cover!

3) A cookie :)

Choice is all yours. After you read/heart my piece let me know on my wall what you would like in return. Thanks so very much. Stay lovely:)



almost 5 years ago Mackenzie Kelley said:

Hi, I am entered into a heart based contest so it would mean the world to me if you would read my story It's Not Okay and heart it if you like it. If you don't do free reads then I am open to swapping. If you have already received this or don't do swaps I sincerely apologize for bothering you.


over 5 years ago Ash S.H. said:

Hi, I’m Ashley! “Cross My Heart and You Will Die” is for the Throne of Glass contest. It’s a 1000 word story about a very rare, unusual love between two completely different people. If you read my entry, I’ll gladly return the read. Anything 1200 words or shorter is fine with me :D

Here is my swapping policy: I’ll return anything you give me. If you give me just a heart, I’ll give you just a heart. If you give me a heart and a comment, I’ll give you a heart and a comment. If you give me JUST a comment, I’ll give you JUST a comment, but if I like your story A TON, I’ll also give you a heart on the side. Just for you. :D Since my policy is based off of what you do, it also requires you to go first. Once you do, I’ll happily complete my end of the swap

So yeah. PLEASE SWAP WITH ME! Or y’know… if you’re feeling generous… free read. ;D

Ooh, and if I’ve already asked you or you don’t like swaps or free reads, I’m sorry! There are just so many people on figment and I’m trying to reach them all.

Thank you SO much for your time!



over 5 years ago Emily Drew said:

Hey! Want to swap? I'll read one of your works if you read "Treacherous" in return. Thanks. :)

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