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  • Thewaythingsstart
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    The Way Things Start

    A small, vague piece to reflect the state of mind after a long break and some new experiences. Written as a rolling series of page-lon…

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  • Stumbler_zpsfdce9c3e-2
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    Where would you go if all it took was a single drop of blood? Mika Jasper is living her dream: escaping her life at home and seeing th…

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  • Bgsk_zps5bd11234
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    Bird Girl and Spice King

    Jay Miller is going deaf. After an accident sends her to the hospital, Jay finds out that she's losing her hearing little by little. W…

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  • Breathtakingperfectss2
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    Breathtaking- A Short Story

    </br> <i>"Take the words from my lips. Steal the memories. Lock the wish."</i> -<b>From <i>Breathtaking</i>'s description. </br> </br…

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  • Jdinewfigcover
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    Just Dive In

    Maya works late nights at the country club pool. Rory runs the snack stand at the drive-in theater. When the two about-to-be-seniors b…

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  • Aftereffects
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    ***What If Contest Finalist!*** "What if" is a powerful phrase explored by Thyme Grey in her death. It was the kind of thing she'd tho…

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Talk to me!


about 1 month ago Daniel Jimenez said:

Also, I'm still working on archiving your comments and reviews. I've been really busy at work and it's been hard to get online.

If you want to do some archiving as well, let me know which stories you'd take care of so that we don't do double work by accident.


about 1 month ago Daniel Jimenez said:

I'm not sure either. I was under the impression it would be in early November, but we're now heading into the middle of November. This is the closest thing I could find:

Writing Community Update


about 1 month ago Daniel Jimenez said:

Oh, Ms. Guilty Pleasure here writing in her classes XD

Honestly, I have been a bit bored, but I'm using that time finding other clients and fine tuning my business. I'm also thinking of taking up art classes online via CGCookie, but the membership is pretty steep... I'm thinking of still doing self taught, but just push myself to put in more work.

I know I've mentioned this before, but I'm a little anxious of the new website. You?


about 1 month ago Daniel Jimenez said:


Just wanted to update you on your story status for commentary and reviews. I have this spreadsheet which lists all of the stories on your page. There's also a percentage completion part which shows you my progress on the archiving. Stories that have no comments or reviews were marked as Completed for my personal notation.

Hope this helps! And glad to see that you were able to download your stories without needing to copy and paste :)


2 months ago Sophia Edwards said:

Hey! I appreciate the comment. I have made a lot of changes and edits in the later parts of the book (i.e. the time thing - i noticed that, too and am adding more every day things), but didn't feel the need to update it since it's all going to be deleted anyway.

Also know that there are a lot more choppy bits as you continue (and maybe some unfinished plot pieces) that I didn't fix since, as mentioned, Figment will be no more :(

But enjoy! And I love hearing your thoughts!

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A Wielder's Trials

(2 months ago)

More Chapter Five! Sorry WHAT. Where were they going where they’re now in “eternal darkness”?? That sounds pretty grim. Now here i... Read More »

A Wielder's Trials

(2 months ago)

Chapter Five! Shouldn’t it be “prisoner [to] the King”? So I dig the description of her waking up all warm from the fire and whatno... Read More »