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    College Bound

    this is my entry for the Family Expectations. requirements are 250 words or less

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  • Project_559865_1
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    The Word is Almost

    "Almost is the word" this poem is dedicated to anyone who almost got what they wanted. Almost is the word nobody expects to be bad...…

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  • 379469_broken_mirror_2
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    Mirrored Image

    This is a poem that honestly is my darkes one yet... enjoy

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  • 339h76e
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    Parts of a Heart

    You know those people that you wish you could have? this is a poem about those people... enjoy awsome cover made by ♥Felicia K.

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  • Man-walking-away
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    If Seeing Was Enough

    This is a poem I wrote for this girl that has always been in my head. Though she will never know how I feel if one day she were to rea…

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    If You Knew

    this is a song I wrote for my band, it is all done I just would like to know what people think of it

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over 2 years ago Samantha Arlene said:

Hello! I'm new to figment and I just posted my first story--my first poem in fact. I'd really like people to read it and tell me if it sucks or if it's not too bad. If you could do that, it would be absolutely fantastic, but if you're too busy I understand. Thanks:)


over 2 years ago Caitlin Cox said:

Do you think you are the best writer? Do you think that you are a champion with words? Prove that you are the champion, join the Masterwriter contest to prove that you are, the Master Writer. http://www.figment.com/groups/30704-The-Masterwriter-

Proflile picture 7-24-15

over 2 years ago Vivacious said:

Love making covers/graphics? Be sure to check out the Cover Daily Challenge today! "Try to make a cover basing it off of one of the following quotes."

Come check it out! :)

(Cover Daily Challenges will be posted every Sunday!)

Proflile picture 7-24-15

over 2 years ago Vivacious said:

Gooood morning! Ready for an epic challenge, or what?

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My Reviews

The Fall (Original Short Story)

(almost 5 years ago)

That was awesome! Nice job. I think the part when Michael and rose we're talking was well written, I think it was a very powerful part. V... Read More »

Until Trouble Strikes

(almost 5 years ago)

I think you did a really great job with this. From reading what other people have written in your reviews I can see that you have improve... Read More »