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About Me: Perfectionist. Insomniac. Maddeningly indecisive. Romantic. Sensitive. Believer that Good will always triumph over evil.


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over 3 years ago Christina Im said:

Ack! Thank you so much for the wonderful words of congratulations, from the bottom of my heart.

Me 1963

over 3 years ago Linda D said:


Thanks for stopping by my page. I can’t remember how I found you. Probably wandering around my favourite writers, and if they aren’t writing, then see who they are reading and checking that out.

Congrats on being published. I am trying very hard to polish up my silly, absurd retelling of Cinderella to get it read to solicit agents/publishers.

I have an Aussie accent (although, now living in the US, my Aussie relatives say I sound like a “bloody Yank”) my American friends just look incredulous when I tell them that, wagging their heads in disbelief. Even my own children love to mock my accent. I just laugh at them. I get away with a captive audience, because with my accent I can say words like “garbage” and make them sound important, and even somewhat lovely – Gah-bah-ge. And the one they most tease me about is Tuesday, which, they say, I pronounce Chewsday. And they love to tell me “mum, there is no ‘r’ or ‘w’ in ‘no’.” According to them, I say it “n-ah-rw.”

And in trying to explain to a little boy why he shouldn’t run in a parking lot because of the cars that probably wouldn’t see him until they had hit him, he gaped at me and then looked in great scrutiny around the lot. “I don’t see any cows!” Ah, accents and pronunciations…love em!


over 3 years ago Samantha Chaffin said:

Haha I know, right? I thought I already followed you, but apparently not. :) P.S. um, you work that red verification halo. WORK. IT.


about 4 years ago Christina Im said:

Thank you so much for reading Pinioned, and for the lovely follow and comment on my wall! It completely made my day; I can’t thank you enough :)


over 4 years ago Christina Im said:

I bought Awakening Foster Kelly yesterday ;) so far I really love it. Heh.

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