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    Freedom's Fall

    Inspired by the song Ready Aim Fire by Imagine Dragons. You really need to listen to the song if you want to get the story; without it…

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    You left me broken, every part of me scattered on the floor.

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    Prince Fillip watched, a smile of contempt on his face. “Do you take it back now, Madelyn?” he yelled at her. “Never,” she gasp…

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  • Haunting the wind cover
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    Haunting the Wind

    Inspired by and dedicated to my best friend Jasmine. Luv ya!<3 ~~To hear the song I imagine the girl is playing, follow this link: ht…

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    Lest We Forget

    'A lone flag went up in the sky, its colours bright and true, It was the mighty Australian flag, in the air it flew, And once more t…

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    She knows that, as long as the moon shines in the sky, she can bring the valley to life. ~An old Arenian legend~ *Arenia is a land …

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over 1 year ago The One And Only Me said:

Do you like the movie How To Train Your Dragon? well if you do come check out my new book Astrid and Stormfly's story. If you want to you can review it and tell me what you want me to review and i will. If not please enjoy reading my story, i hope you like it.

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over 1 year ago ♫♪Amanda K. said:

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over 1 year ago ♥Felicia K. said:


almost 2 years ago Bethany H said:

Hey Shannon,

AMAZING writing! Keep up the awesome work!



almost 2 years ago Anna Browne said:

Hi Shannon,

I saw your question about having deleted a book and wanting it back on the moderator Lindsey's wall. I don't know if she replied to you or not, but I've been in your shoes and the answer is no. Once it's deleted, it's gone for good. :-/


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My Reviews


(about 4 years ago)

First of all, GREAT beginning. I felt hooked, and I just HAD to keep reading. This is very important when you’re writing any piece of lit... Read More »

Troubled Waters

(almost 3 years ago)

For our Swap - Please read Haunting the Wind :) Reading this brings me back to the Japanese classes I had in Year 7, where out of the ... Read More »