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  • The rose amazon cover
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    The Rose

    Available on Amazon. Eleanor's parents took her away from everything she knew; now she's moved back with the idea that it will all be…

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  • Vampiresbite
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    Vampires Bite

    When Katarina Young, a girl whose been trained since a child to defend herself, is somewhat kidnapped by the mysterious and incredibly…

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  • Belladonna
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    Sometimes it's the most unexpected things that are deadly. In this sequel to The Rose, Eleanor must come to terms with what has pas…

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  • Thw witches of ravensbourne
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    The Witches of Ravensbourne

    Natalie Raven is many things. She is a foster child, a new girl at Ravensbourne High School, and an all round rather pleasant person. …

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  • Black lace
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    Black Lace

    Many of England's Victorian high society share a secret. A deadly secret. A secret that's been kept for centuries that no one can know…

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    Beauty is in the eye of the Beholder

    Spoken Word Poetry

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Talk to me!


over 1 year ago R. Scarlett said:

Hey Anna-Louise! I posted a revised version of Vein Of Love with a ton of more juicy scenes!! :)


over 2 years ago Tibby Kay said:

Hello most excellent person in the entire world. Too much? Sorry, I'll tone it back a bit.

Hey, it's Tibby here, just dropping by to see if you'd like to swap. If so, it would be lovely if you read my book 'Angel of Despair'. Keep in mind that it is a heart based contest, but also keep in mind if you don't think it's worthy, don't heart it. Simple as that. I don't want a heart just because it's the thing to do.

After you have read and reacted as you deem appropriate to my book, please drop a comment on my page to let me know what to read. It may take a moment for me to get back to you, but fear not, I will return the swap. On my honor, I swear it so.

Thank you for your time, and I'm terribly sorry if you're not into swaps. Having a splendid evening (morning, afternoon).(:



about 3 years ago S.J. Bouquet said:

Hello :) I am going to college soon, and I won't have time for a job. Because of this, money is an issue. Oh college... *sigh* Anyways, I figured that while I still have free time, I can write a story, and publish it on no cost to me. If I put an ebook up, maybe I can let it sit there. I can get some money, and won't have to stress out about scrounging up the green just so I can eat.

Why am I telling you all this? Well, I was hoping you'd read my story, critique it, point out flaws, help me perfect this thing before I put it on Amazon.

Thank you for your time :) If you don't want to do this, that's totally fine. I know I'm asking a lot. Have a good day!

-S.J. Bouquet

P.S. My story-

For faith

over 3 years ago Rose Johnson said:

All of your stories look amazing so I'm going to read some when I have time! Until then though I was wondering if well..

This isnt a swap request because I hate swaps but can you read one of my sisters stories?

Those are her best works (story wise)

P.S sorry if I've already asked, just trying to get her story out!


over 3 years ago TaintedBlue said:


Would you like to swap with me? Go right ahead and read anything on my wall that you might find fascinating or of interest. In return, I’ll read whatever you would like me to! If you would prefer I read something first, that’s fine to! Just tell me what it is and I’ll get right to it… or at least try. Make sure to leave a comment/review on the piece that you read, and if deserved a heart.

Thank you!

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My Reviews

Lucid Dreamer

(almost 5 years ago)

I read through this and unfortunately have quite a bit to say but it's all stuff that will make it easier to read. 1. Always spell nouns... Read More »

The Harnessing of Lightning

(about 5 years ago)

Hiya, you asked me for a swap so here I am and I read this for you :) this really is a beautiful piece of work, it's so elegant and eloqu... Read More »