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  • Girl and werewolf
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    Alice Williams lives a pretty simple life with her father. She has just turned eighteen and was promised by her father that she would …

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  • Angel falling
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    He Has Fallen...

    Harmony is a wallflower at school, but at home her life is a mess. Her mother is a prostitute, and she practically has to raise her li…

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  • Large_vampire_lips_wallpaper_99636
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    A boy changed into a vampire at a very young age, his parents killed right in front of his eyes, yet when he grows to the prime years …

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  • Run
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    Runaway contest :)

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  • Bqcdaaaaawodanbnaaaabc5vdxqkfjjny3bxugxum3hhoxjhneqzmfi0wueaaaacawqkaxgaaaaec2l6zq
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    A totally plain Jane, Cinderella story

    Coco Moonblood Martin. Yes, a very strange name for a sixteen year old girl living in Brooklyn with her single father. Coco has always…

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  • 129320__victoria_frances_parasol_girl_poster_142
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    The Daughter of Dracula

    Catalina is your normal seventeen year old...if all seventeen year olds were vampires and their father was Dracula. Many things are ha…

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8 months ago Elizabeth Solomon said:

*Notice, you're receiving this comment because you are following me on Figment.*

Hey, my name is Elizabeth, and I have a new cover shop. If you need one, or know someone who does, or are just plain bored, please check it out. XOXO, E.S.



about 1 year ago Faye Moss said:

Do you swap? If so could you check out either dream story or the great kingdom of Unum? I'll read and comment/review any of your stories! Thanks!


about 1 year ago Kat Renee Horan said:

Hello! If you are up for a swap then that would be fab. If you could read either the fault in fate or a hidden kindness, that would mean the world. Also, if you have read and liked the fault in our stars, then join my group tfios!


over 1 year ago OvercomingDyslexic said:

Hey, it's Lexi :) I just wrote a new story called "Eva" and it's about the tragedy of putas, something many girls in the Dominican Republic have to live with. Putas are prostitutes on the island of Samana, usually starting as teenagers. I would be so grateful if you would read Eva's story. It's something I really want to portray well because it is such a serious issue for so many girls. Thank you :)


over 1 year ago Kristie Petillo said:

Hey Miss Lover Of Gangnam Style, how's about a swap. You name your price in exchange for reading my Pandemic Of Pachyderms. That's right, name any amount of stories (but don't go crazy please), in exchange for one read and review.

Just click the picture below to be taken to the story.


Illustrations for Pandemic Of Pachyderms are located at: http://extrovertedoliveoil.deviantart.com

Pandemic Of Pachyderms photo Cover.jpg

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The Daughter of Dracula

(over 3 years ago)

Sounds like a good name to me :) I can't wait to see what you write!!! Sincerely, Olivia :) Read More »

The Daughter of Dracula

(over 3 years ago)

Dear Fang, I would not mind at all if you wrote a second book :) I'm really flattered. When I first wrote this, I also thought tha... Read More »