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Lady at the window

about 2 years ago Aristoi Teleos said:

HI! Would you like to swap poems? I have a few on my wall, and I see you have some too!


over 2 years ago sydthekid said:

Hey there, would you like to swap? If so, please read/heart "Knowing". It's for The Kiss contest, which is heart-based, and I'd love to squeeze into the top 200. Let me know if there's anything you'd like me to read in return and I'm sorry if I've asked before! It just gets hard to keep track you know how it is

Beach girl

almost 3 years ago Natasha V. said:

Hey! My friend Ali Hart posted a new story, and she would love some feedback. She hasn't been very active on Figment lately, and she'd really love if you could read/heart her story. It's called A Casual Explosion, and here's the link: http://figment.com/books/481978-A-Casual-Explosion If you want to swap, please reply on my wall, as she doesn't always check hers. :) Thanks, and I'm really sorry if she or I have already asked you or if you don’t like swaps!


about 3 years ago Cheyenne Summers said:

Thank you for your input on my story, but considering it's for a short story contest it's not as if I could answer every question to arise. The little details I was speaking of were in paintings, and not specific things. Every one on a different subject is going to have different details, and I simply didn't have enough characters to explain. The girls ages are obviously young adult, I don't think the specific age is too important. But Chloe is just getting discharged from the army, so around 22-24 ish. The picture isn't supposed to be the significant part of the story, and you aren't supposed to focus on it's content too much, it's the caption that's most important. I have edited this piece many times and I'm happy with it how it is now. I am however continuing it as a novel after the contest for those who are curious as to how it is going to progress.


about 3 years ago Cheyenne Summers said:

Hello! :) I was wondering if you'd like to swap? I'll read/like/review any of your stories if you'll read/like Megan's Bridge! If you don't swap I'm sorry for bothering you! :)Thank you so much! If I've already sent this I apologize, it's hard to keep track!

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Megan's Bridge

(about 3 years ago)

Tell you what this one is on me, no swap required. I enjoyed your story, I felt that it was rushed. You talk about the little details, wh... Read More »

What's My Alibi?

(about 3 years ago)

It did not flow as smoothly as I had hoped, I feel it could have been better. YOU did an excellent job with your characters; naming is ve... Read More »