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    This is a paper I recently wrote for my Superheroes and Comics course. We had to write a paper on an origin story a superhero designed…

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    City Fighters

    Part of a class paper I wrote in college last semester

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    Some of these random sayings are mine, others i picked up perusing the INTERNET virtual cupcakes to all readers

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    Shounen Tantei-dan

    The Anime is Pg-13 due to language and murder, so is this This is a Fan-dub of Meitantei Conan Most characters belong to author Gosh…

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    Lany North

    a girls psychic lifestyle,and the fact that your best friend is about to murder you

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over 3 years ago PandaAsiran said:

Hello, fellow nerd. (The parentheses are perfect).


over 3 years ago Flora Knight said:

Akira do you want to swap? You can read my books and I'll read yours. Please read: The Chosen One: Ilumia Warner and/or The perfect Summer

Color palette selfie 4

over 3 years ago Elise E. said:

It's a Pirate's Life - a RP

You been want'n to join a decent crew, aye? The real question is are ya for the navy, or the pirates? Think before ya speak. - you can be either a pirate or a member of the Navy.

 photo images.jpg

Germany rose

almost 4 years ago Germany Rose said:

I probably laughed at the "intellectual badass" part more than I should have.

-puts on glasses-

Kahmehhahmehcall me? //nerdy moment over. ^ except for the javascript reference, that was gold with the (//)

Enjoy your night! Prepare for a review as well. -Rose (GR)


over 4 years ago D. Claire said:

Hello, my lovely follower!

I recently wrote a piece for the Coming Of Age contest, and I was hoping for your support! Please check it out! And as always, I'd be more than happy to swap.


Have a great day!

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That Girl

(over 4 years ago)

You have an easy flowing writing style, and nice descriptive diction. Keep up the good work. Read More »

Worse than Prison

(almost 5 years ago)

Your a good descriptive writer. Your writing style is long, complex, descriptive sentences. Which is good and distinctive if you write an... Read More »