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  • Flyingbirds
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    Man in the Sky

    POEM: This was originally in the format of a "Textu" poem (no more than 160 characters per stanza), but I had to alter it a bit to sou…

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  • Ccolors
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    The Colors of Us

    POEM: No. 1 in my Color Series.

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  • Leaves
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    Autumn Waltz

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  • 20140305_110732
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    Goliath Goldfish

    POEM: about my three-year-old goldfish Goliath

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  • 307779_2380648564586_1501845375_32627279_815362787_n
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    Apocalyptic Love

    Stereotypical zombies? Only a fallacy. The world has been taken by a murderous intelligence with dead, grey eyes. Those who are st…

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  • Axe-chopping-tree2
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    Dear Billions

    POEM: For the Poetry Month Contest My title, "Dear Billions," comes not only from the large multi-billion dollar corporations who cho…

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over 3 years ago Gracie Qu said:

Dear contestant,

I'm sorry you've been eliminated, but PLEASE don't take that as a bad sign. B/c guess what? You are 9th of FIFTY contestants. FIFTY WHOLE CONTESTANTS. THAT in itself is a feat. You made it past the first round and you were HANDCHOSEN by your mentor. And NOW, you've been officially in the top 20%. In other words, this is the clearest sign to NOT give up on your novel. In fact, go on and keep contact with your mentor. The fact that he/she chose you to be part of the team means that you also have the right to ask him/her to continue to help improving your novel.

Also to celebrate your accomplishment as the 9th best novel out of FIFTY, I would like to feature your novel on the Novel Factor page. So if you wouldn't mind, please post a link of a picture of your novel's cover on my page so I may have it be the first thing that pops up on the Novel Factor discussion page. I would really like to do this, so please don't forget!

Best of luck in your writing and make sure to continue!

Gracie Qu


over 3 years ago Gracie Qu said:

Your next chapter (or wherever you left off) needs to be ready by August 9th!


over 3 years ago Gracie Qu said:

Check out the Rankings on Novel Factor to see where you stand!


over 3 years ago Gracie Qu said:

Hello, contestant! Your next entry is due on the 26th. Same old fashion of posting on my wall to indicate that you're ready, so I can unhide your post!

We're doing something different this week. We're going to have a DOUBLE elimination, so the lowest 2 scores will be eliminated. Good luck!

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