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    The Created

    WIP. Violet 976 lives in a world where the Agency runs the world and is one of the many that work for them. She is a Nymphala, a human…

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  • Oncefallentwicecursed2_zps7552a412
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    Once Fallen, Twice Cursed

    Jax has been cast out of heaven and has been sent to earth to live off the rest of his days as a Vampire. He has no recollection as to…

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  • Cas2wg7w6slnnzfrrlf0104h2u8yjno1_zps62d8a343
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    Alexander Knight is the most skilled assassin alive and has now been assigned his final task. His trust, love and loyalty are put to t…

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    A new world starts to form around Katerina River's old one. Secrets are revealed and truths are told as the real world unravels before…

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  • 35hk5zr
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    Innocence Lost.

    WIP. Maria lives in a broken world. All hope is lost for humanity and no one knows that better than Maria. She has nothing left to liv…

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  • Insignia_zpseeb13cad
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    His needle. His ink. His brand. ***There is some violence in this** Amazing cover by: Bailey

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Talk to me!

Magic fox profile legal with name2

over 2 years ago Naomi Folettia said:

If you don't like ads, I apologize.


over 2 years ago Alex Black said:

Hello, I've made you a cover and I hope you like it! Let me know if you want any changes or for me to try again, I'd be more than happy to make them! If you use my cover, please provide credit in the description of you piece.

Alex :)

Good gracious light

about 3 years ago Leighanna Hornick said:

Hey there! I finished your cover for "Beautiful Lies" - you can find it in my cover forum.


over 3 years ago Amethyst Rising said:

Hi! Would you like to do a swap? If so, please read "Circumstances Pertaining to Yours Truly" and I'll be glad to return the favor by reading a story you have up on Figment.

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My Reviews

Stand for What's Yours

(over 4 years ago)

Great job! I dont know the first think about the Civil War so the page at the very beginning, explaining things that may confuse someone ... Read More »

The Object

(over 4 years ago)

Nice work! I love the way you started it off, right in the middle with action. That definitely made me want to read more. "Help."[H]is... Read More »