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  • Fade away
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    Fade Away

    Sometimes life is nothing more than a breeze blowing by, fading away as a memory soon forgotten.

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  • The titanic’s ghost
    • 24
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    The Titanic's Ghost

    Ben is ten years old and a stowaway on the Titanic. His final words are with the person he least expected. For the Titanic flash conte…

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  • The woes of an imaginary friend
    • 15
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    The Woes of An Imaginary Friend

    An imaginary friend reflects on the way life used to be. Today the children can hardly see those imaginary people. What happened? Wher…

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  • Findingfinnick2
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    Finding Finnick

    From Annie Cresta's point of view, her time in District 13 after being rescued from the Capitol. How Annie is reunited with Finnick, b…

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  • Butterfly boy2
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    Butterfly Boy

    Devon is mute. No one has ever heard him utter a single word in his life. Except the butterflies. He tells them everything. Thats how …

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  • Beautiful sorrow
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    Beautiful Sorrow

    Sorrow. It was always a sad yet beautiful word to the girl. She didn't know why. Perhaps it was because with sorrow came hope, the fee…

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3 months ago C. Van Asch (Chesster) said:

You have been invited to join Figment's 2nd Debate Club.

Warning: this group contains excessive amounts of logical thought, intelligent discussions, and absolutely no low blows. If you do argue with some random small point then you could be destroyed.


over 4 years ago Keith Surratt said:

Hey you should join my new group ''Adventure time'' its the newest group of adventure time group and it has allot of members for coming out not long ago. so join in you will be a valuable character, its on my profile. So if you like Jake, Finn, Marshlee then u need to join this group. Join Today!!!


over 4 years ago Sunny Little said:

Oops, sorry for my late response. You're welcome! I read through your story again to check for mistakes I might have missed... Nope, it's pretty much perfect now. I hope we can swap again in the near future! :)


over 4 years ago Sherlock Holmes Jr said:

Hello fellow figgy! I'm Sherlock Holmes Jr, and I was wondering if you would be interested in a swap. You know, a read for a read, heart for a heart, comment for a comment? I would love it if you could read "Falling Up Stairs". It's a short little poem, only taking about 3-5 minutes to read. In return, I'll read anything of yours under an hour. Thanks so much! Here's the link:


over 4 years ago Sunny Little said:

Hi again, Christine! Thank you so much for leaving a comment for Conversing with Nina. Thank you even more for the follow, I wasn't expecting that!

I actually read Petrichor is Serendipitous before I asked you for a swap, because you know, it looked interesting. I'll deliver that review to you as soon as I form the right words in my head, just need to organize my thoughts about it for a while. :) Anyways, thanks for everything!

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My Reviews

Playing with Fire

(over 4 years ago)

I really like what you have so far. It is a bit confusing with figuring out whats going on with the demons and Penny's dad, but I can tel... Read More »

Last Drop

(over 4 years ago)

Such an interesting idea! I like how you changed up the vampire-human love story a bit by making the human seem like the monster. Argh, I... Read More »