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    I'm Ever Reckford, and the boy I loved was soulless.

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    Cassie can't remember her family, or her name, or anything beyond waking up in a stainless steel room, but she hears things others can…

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29 days ago Classy-Queen said:

Helloooo :] I've been off the radar for a while now and I'm just trying to give my page some recognition again. The reason I stopped by your page is because I wanted to know if you would be interested in reading my newest piece "LEARN TO DANCE IN THE RAIN" If you want, we can turn it into a swap, just let me know. Thank you and have a great day ! :D

P.S PLEASE, don't give me just a heart. I'm looking for honest feedback through a comment or a review. With that being said, feel free to express yourself and explore my works. :)


about 1 month ago Kindle said:

Fledging propic toothless

about 1 month ago Angelimar W said:

Join my group 'Stunning Cover Makers' whether you want a perfect cover to your story or you're a wonderful cover maker! Let's help those who can't make it by themselves! Let's inspire tomorrow's authors and intrigue tomorrow's readers!


about 1 month ago MisterKb said:

 photo output_tXMD1U.gif

Blue hills

about 1 month ago adiedo said:

Hi! Would you like to swap review for review? :) If so please leave a comment on my profile stating which book of your stories you'd like for me to read and check out my story Heroes of Peace! Thanks in advance! :)

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(over 2 years ago)

I think you have an absolutely lovely way with words, sparse and frugal to great effect. Some line notes: Kinematics- such a stand-out... Read More »

B-Sides & Outtakes: A Life in Words

(over 3 years ago)

Hello, Jaime Case! Read the first intro- you have a way of painting with your words. Your images are precise and a joy to readslashsee. O... Read More »