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    I'm Ever Reckford, and the boy I loved was soulless.

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  • Thoughtful2
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    Cassie can't remember her family, or her name, or anything beyond waking up in a stainless steel room, but she hears things others can…

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about 1 month ago cazilly said:

Swap? If so, please read my story One Night Love and leave constructive criticism, as I'll do the same of any of your pieces.


3 months ago Writer said:

Care for a free read or heart? I'd love if you could read and/or heart 'Revenge'! The contst I'm in ends tonight and I really want to stay in the top ten! :D


3 months ago Arianna Lennox-Nightingale said:

Hey, could you do me the honor and check out my contest entry "Cool Kids"? If you'd prefer, I don't mind swapping.


4 months ago Benjamin James said:

Interested in a swap or reveiw of the beginning of my story In a Concerto of Flames?


5 months ago J.C. Mace said:

I just finished my contest story, Cursed Blessing, and I was wanting some honest feedback. I will be happy to read anything you want me to read as long as it isn't more than 10 mins. Please post what you want me to read on my profile page. If I've already posted this on your wall or you no longer do swaps just ignore this message. Thank you for this space on your page

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My Reviews


(about 3 years ago)

I think you have an absolutely lovely way with words, sparse and frugal to great effect. Some line notes: Kinematics- such a stand-out... Read More »

B-Sides & Outtakes: A Life in Words

(about 4 years ago)

Hello, Jaime Case! Read the first intro- you have a way of painting with your words. Your images are precise and a joy to readslashsee. O... Read More »