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    Meet Caliber Dodge

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  • Fallingbackwards
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    Falling Backwards

    As she battles leukemia, Sloane meets and falls in love with another leukemia patient at the hospital. The beautiful cover was made …

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    What if you woke up strapped to a metal table, blood all over the floor and a dead man pinned to the ceiling? Tallin Glau wakes up…

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    Waiting for Bliss

    Caroline Stewart discovers that she's pregnant. She has options but the one she eventually picks will lead her on a journey like none …

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    Or A Lack Thereof

    What happens when a most basic need for survival is taken from the entire country?

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    All The Things I Want to Say But Can't

    Emotional writing on experiences in the past few weeks.

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almost 2 years ago Anna Browne said:

I'm not, but you can on the admin's profile:

I think there might be a suggestion thread too, though I'm not sure.

If you are still looking for a cover, I am happy to provide one! I do legal and normal covers, though I do charge a fee. :)



almost 2 years ago Writer said:

Alena was born in Faeth to the queen and king of the magical kingdom. But with all the threats and enemies the queen and king had, they had to send Alena to another world for her protection. On Alena's 16th birthday, her birth parents disappear, along with her biological brother, and she is magically transported back to Faeth, being the next in line for the throne. Sadly, Alena happens to have a cousin, Lyric, who wants nothing but to destroy the beautiful and magical kingdom of Faeth. Can Alena stop her cousin, win over the heart of the guy she's falling for, and save her kingdom and biological family before it's all too late??


Please read:

Faeth--A Hidden World of Magic

almost 2 years ago RosieAP the Procrastinator said:

Hihi of course!!! Just tell me what you'd like on it (ideas, color, etc)

about 2 years ago RosieAP the Procrastinator said:

No problem! And thanks ^^

about 2 years ago RosieAP the Procrastinator said:

Here you are (I was done faster than I thought I'd be)! I kinda went photoshop happy with this... The font was a bit of a bugger since the over-dramatic fonts were a bit much, but if you'd like anything changed I can do that.

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God Made Me

(almost 4 years ago)

I loved this. Usually i shy away from poetry because in truth it bores me to death. But this was wonderful. Lyrically and truthful. You w... Read More »

A fragile heart to share

(about 3 years ago)

Cute idea for a story...but there were a few things that for me would stop me from reading more. Just technical stuff that would be easy ... Read More »