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    "My name is Rita, and yours is Thomas." Those were the first words she said to him. Eccentric and mysterious, she stormed into his lif…

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  • Marble_house-gold_ballroom
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    Ian Ember's life is golden--or is it just gilded? (Short Gothic horror story I wrote for Creative Writing, which I am considering leng…

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  • A-hole-different-dimension
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    The Heaven Dimension

    You feel like you're being watched, but no one is there. Or is there?

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  • Galaxy_collision
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    Secrets Of The Sky

    In a world of horror and strife, sometimes it's easiest to escape to the sky. (Poem)

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    Realm of Dreams

    Everywhere he goes, I want to be by his side. (Poem)

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  • Fine
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    Don't worry about me; I'm fine. (Poem)

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Talk to me!


11 months ago Rebekah Fowler said:

Hi there! Looking to join some groups? If so, here’s a couple you may like:

Covers by Rebekah is a cover group. Head on over there if you’re looking for some high-quality covers that only use royalty-free images (so you don’t have to worry about copyright claims)!

Trouvaille is a roleplay that takes place in a small, quaint town somewhere in Northeastern U.S.A. If you’re into lighthearted RPs with a hint of sci-fi, Trouvaille is the group for you!

That’s all for now! Sorry if you have already received this message or don’t like group ads. I try to check everyone’s profile to see if they’re okay with group ads or not, but sometimes I accidentally skim over something.

Have a wonderful Friday! ♡ ☮ ☆


over 1 year ago Eredhion the Ranger said:

Hey, thanks for the follow. Hope my work interests you.


almost 2 years ago Sairah Kohaisch said:

90% of our surveyed figment writers think mental illness in today's society is stigmatised.

Have a great story? Want to contribute to a good cause? Don't know what stigma is? Interested in finding out more about mental illness?

Drop in to visit our free, anonymous website at http://inconspicuous.site50.net/ and become a founding member of our community by sharing your story.

Join the fight against stigma - your story is a valuable weapon!


about 2 years ago Cara said:

I was hoping you could be of some help to me. I have to produce a literary journal for my University class and I need poems and short stories, and was hoping you could be of some help to me. It isn't going to be published on a wide-scale; it's just for class, but I really wanted to inlcude some young writers in it. Thank you very much. You can leave a comment on my page if you are interested.


over 2 years ago Pamela Ganicsson said:

Hey there, i've just re-joined figment after a couple of years and I was wondering if you'd like to swap perhaps? My story only has one chapter so far, but I'm really looking for some solid feedback. Hope to hear from you soon, PG

P.S. I love that coffee cup!

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23 Days of Christmas

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