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    Someone one goes through all the stages of lost love in this poem.

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    The City of Light

    Two girls separated by hundreds of years, experience life and love in the city of Venice. Please listen to this song, while you read! …

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    Jealousy leds to dangerous consequences.

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    The Destruction of Dusk

    This is the companion to my short story, Memories of Dawn. These are little girl's last words. I wrote this for a creative writing con…

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    Memories of Dawn

    Tilah is a upperclass girl who falls in love with a common boy. Tragedy unfolds. I wrote this for a creative writing contest, of which…

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about 5 years ago Jenna Faccenda said:

Wanna swap? Read and give whatever you please to Shell Breathe Again please and I'll do the same for whatever you want me to! (:

* I am in a heart based contest so hearts are greatly appreciated. But please only give me on if you honestly think I deserve it! Thank you!

* If you don't like/do swaps or quite frankly just find them annoying I am sorry for asking and would be extremely greatful for a free read. Even though I am in a contest I hope that you understand my despairity.

* If I already have bothered you before I really am sorry I try to look before I post but it isn't always that easy.

Once again, thank you even if it was just for reading this post.

Ball gown 2

about 5 years ago Kelley Young said:

Hi! Want to swap? Please take a look at "The London Story" and let me know what you think. Thanks!


over 5 years ago HannahCS said:

Hey I was wondering if you wanted to swap. I am so sorry if you don't like swaps or if I have already swapped with you. But it would be amazing if you could swap with me. If you do, please read my story that I just posted called The Stalker Next Door. Hearts and comments are greatly appreciated and I will definitely repay the favor. thanks so much.

Screen shot 2012-10-08 at 11.30.53 am

over 5 years ago Amanda Clarity Clemens said:

Hey there! just stopping by to let you know i have expanded my chort story Deceptive (The Seeker Saga) and added a new chapter! be sure to check it out!

-XOXOXO Amanda

Hatter's hat

over 5 years ago MCT said:

Hey id love to swap sorry it took me so long to get back to you and let you know. Could you please read Sceethe for me? Thanks bunches. Ill reead City of Light for you as you asked :) Mady

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Too Late

(over 5 years ago)

This was so scary! That man needs to be assassinated! I was having a wrong assumption when he said, "Everything." (I swear i'm not a perv... Read More »

The Game

(almost 6 years ago)

Awesome, I would love it if this was a full length novel! I like how tammy is unremorsefull and desperate to win. Great story. Read More »