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    Darkness rises once again and evil tightens its grip suffocating the land. Corruption and temptation spreads like a virus causing a gr…

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almost 2 years ago Emily Rose said:

Hey do you want to swap stories, I need someone to read The City Before Me. Comment me on my profile of what you want me to read. Thx! Have a nice day :)


almost 2 years ago Nemma A. Wolf said:

So so so very sorry for not responding to your comment. It has been uber crazy and then I had no wifi for a week and then I've been traveling. This is the first time I've gotten on Figment in 2 weeks. I feel so awful about that.


almost 2 years ago Nemma A. Wolf said:

I have read the BBA but they haven't come out with a new page in a long time. I think they may have given up on it. (Or I haven't checked in on it in that long).


almost 2 years ago Nemma A. Wolf said:

I want them to start the next book or whatever they call it. They can't leave it there then go edit or add pages. The suspense!

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Ok so, first. Excellent job with originality, among reading the first few paragraphs curiosity pretty much dragged me in. Now onto th... Read More »