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almost 6 years ago lilium23 said:

Can you read my collection of poetry called “Failure’s Art (Poetry Collection)”. I would love it and really appreciate it if you read it and commented on it. It’s very long so I understand if you can’t read the entire thing. If you like it please pick it. Thanks for hearing me out. I hope it doesn't offend you me asking out of the blue.


almost 6 years ago Chinmaya said:

Hey there!

I was wondering if you could read my poems, that would be really appreciated! Do critique and pick if you think the are worth! Chinmaya

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almost 6 years ago Triv S. said:

Hi! I was going to ask you to swap but my story is defintiley not something you would read and I totally respect that. Instead, I just wanted to ask a few questions if that's cool?

I'm moving to america soon (Is that where you're from? Telling by your spelling I'd assume that) and recently I've gotten really interested in the culture. In Australia there aren't many homeschooled children and there aren't many families as big as yours! (Admittedly, I even feel like I might write something based around this someday.)

Is it difficult having 10 siblings? Especially since you're the eldest? Do you feel like all the responsibilites fall to you? Are you good friends with your siblings who are closer to your age?

Are you heavily involved with your church? Is that sort of the centre of your community? In Australia religion is not as big a part of our lives, as I have seen from my trips to America. It interests me: is the people from your church like a second family to you? I love the idea of a community that's like your family.

Okay, I'm sorry this is all really abrupt, but what was it like being homeschooled? What do you plan to do now? College? Do you know many other people your age? Did you get homeschooled for religious reasons, convienence or because you don't live near a school? Did you play any sports (sports are HUGE in Australia. I live in the official sporting capital of the world, after all. I play sport six times a week for school and I just can't imagine not getting to play in a team.)

Sorry for asking so many dumb questions. I'm just really interested :-P Oh and BTW I read your poem and I didn't have time to comment on it then but it's so beautiful and magical. I'm going to make room to pick it :-)

Okay, sorry for interogating you.



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