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almost 4 years ago Andrasteia said:

Oh hello there.

I follow you on Wattpad as well.

Which site do you think is better. I can't get used to this one.


over 4 years ago Sam Foilb said:

hey could you read my haiku called lonely, it is short so free reads would be nice. But I understand if you need a swap.


over 4 years ago Ria said:

Hey! I'm a member of a group called Exciting Contests and I was hoping that you would join. It consists of weekly contests with great rewards. We're hoping to get 1700 members, and we'd be happy to have you. Oh, and don't forget to read the rules before you start anything if you do join. Thanks! (If you're already in the group or you've already been invited, then I'm sorry).


almost 5 years ago Victoria Guyadeen said:

Good Afternoon, sorry to bother you, I was just wondering if you would mind checking out some of my poetry. Let me know what I can read for you, please something under five minutes. Feel free to follow me. Thank you for reading this and have an awesome day. :)


almost 5 years ago Jasmine Shabazz said:

Would you be willing to read my short story "Outsiders"? Feel free to heart it or make any feedback.

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