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  • All of my broken piecse
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    All of My Broken Pieces

    A collection of my pieces, the ones that have been stolen, the one that have been left behind, and the ones that have been put back to…

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  • Forsaken cover
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    Lorne Highwood has dreamed of getting married her whole life, as do many young children of Noble rank. But when her month of courtship…

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Candy corn

4 days ago Christine Hungerford said:

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about 1 month ago G. Francis said:

I finished my side of the swap ^-^ Thank you so much for the great read! If you could return the favor by reading & reviewing "I am Kirk", that would be great. Thanks!

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about 1 month ago G. Francis said:

Sure! I'll get to it ASAP.

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about 1 month ago G. Francis said:

Hey, would you care to swap? =)


about 1 month ago Arabella Starr said:

i need a second opinion on a book im writing offline. should i start the story with the opening from a nursury rhyme which in part inspired it, or should i write it in 1st person? it was a story i told my sister but my natural style is more contemporary

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My Reviews

I am Kirk

(23 days ago)

Hello I am here for the swap! Wow, this is such an original concept, something that is very hard to come by in this day and age. I th... Read More »

Failing Sun

(3 months ago)

Hey! I'm here for the swap! (Sorry it took me so dreadfully long). First of all, like others have said, you have a knack for description.... Read More »