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  • Cover of who knew
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    Who Knew

    Living in Detroit is a hard enough life for Kylie as is it. Throw in a drug addict, whore of a mother, a baby sister that is basically…

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  • Lunapic_134473808548626_30
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    What Are The Odds

    Nicole Pearce never expected a normal night to a party could end in disaster. But I guess she also never expected that one of her best…

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  • Asdfkj;asldkjf
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    Seam Away My Pain

    Zoey Nichols barely has a life anymore. With her parents always being drunk, rumors flying around the school that her best friend past…

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  • Here we go
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    The Rhythm of Us

    Peyton Evans has a hard enough life as it is. She's living with her Aunt Lilly, the only family that she has left. Her father abandone…

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  • Aldjjk
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    Fragile Hearts Collide

    FOR THE CODE NAME VERITY CONTEST! Please read & heart! He doesn't care about what happened to him, the only thing he cares about, is …

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  • Lk;df;alsdkf
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    Rayna Carmody is living in a world that's hidden with secrets, quiet people, and a work schedule she has to go by if she wants to live…

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I am the alpha here

about 4 years ago ~{The Dark Light}~ said:

Hi! My friend Nightshade wrote a book called Wolf Girl. It's really awesome and she works super fast but since she spends all of her time writing and not spamming, (xD) she has almost NO hearts. I'd appreciate it if you checked it out and/or reviewed it. Thanks! ^_^


over 4 years ago zoe said:

Swap? if yes, will you read anything on the first page of my profile, let me know what you want me to read.


over 4 years ago gk said:

hi! it's been a while since i've been here! (just about over a year! :o) i'm in the process of writing a story. i was thinking it would be nice to have someone comment/review what i have so far. thanks! click here.

I am

over 4 years ago Abigail Kokitus said:

Hello. I'm not asking for a swap, just letting you know right now.

If you're interested, can you please check out my YouTube channel? I adore subscribers and opinions. Thank you in advance!



almost 5 years ago Tessa Graves said:

Hello, follower! The Patterson Contest ends at midnight, so I was wondering if you could read/heart my entry, "Hurricane". If you don't want to, that's okay.

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