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    Violetta, a grumpy elderly woman who owns her own Creperie, is close to bankruptcy. When she catches the homeless Lavender Valentine s…

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  • Ianymcover4
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    In a New York Minute...

    In a New York Minute... Anything can happen. Lucy Fowler is a sophomore at NYU, studying Creative Writing. Lucy is just trying to sur…

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  • Keyhole
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    Behind the Den Door

    A woman recalls her father's struggles with post traumatic stress disorder, and how it affected her when she was a small child.

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    Sincerely, Stephanie

    United by a school project, William Gage, a 16 year old from London and Stephanie Gill, a 15 year old from Pennsylvania, communicate o…

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    Fairy Tales verses Reality

    *Finished* Lillie, who has just graduated high school, has just moved into her best friend Belle's house, and will be going to the lo…

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    Lizzie Rose's Collection of Poetry

    Most of my poetry, please enjoy! *Author's Note* I'm sorry that the lines are all messed up, I keep trying to fix it but Figment k…

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Talk to me!


over 3 years ago Blue Montgomery said:

Hi, would you like to swap? Just post on my page what you'd like read, and I'll read and comment on it. I write poetry, so that's what I'll read. Cheers from a fellow librarian's child!


almost 4 years ago Wolf said:

Hi... Can you please read "A three way secret". I am entering a contest and this is the first time. I would like any feedback or anything and I will swap if you want. Thank you for your time! :D

The vampire diaries

almost 4 years ago Shammi said:

Hey would you like to swap with me?

If so please check out my new poem Forever & Always or What if I were to say and I will read anything of yours in return. Which you'd prefer me to read (:

Thanks! :D


almost 4 years ago Vic said:

Hello, follower! I've been very busy of late, with little time to work on my big projects. So mainly I've been writing smaller, fun pieces, just to keep myself writing. I just recently published one of these: a Doctor Who fanfiction titled "The Lost and Found World." So if you don't mind fanfiction and you don't mind Doctor Who, I'd love if you'd take some time to read it, just so I can get some feedback to make sure my writing is staying up to scratch while I'm on hiatus.


about 4 years ago Rachel Smith said:

Hello! I was wondering if you could read my story 'A Presence of Flying Socks'. You don't need to heart it, just read it and send a meaningful comment. Also, I would be willing to read something of yours in return. Just post a request on my wall! :)

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My Reviews

Love Story

(over 7 years ago)

a very pretty poem! Read More »

You Were Never A Nobody

(over 7 years ago)

loved it!!! loved it, loved it, loved it!!!! Read More »